Reason #18: Black & White

I claim no intricate knowledge regarding Dawat theology or its sophisticated legal doctrine. But I do know what I see, and I believe in what I see. And what I see is Black and White.

1.       Black is repeatedly claiming ‘maney’ (me). White is voicing ‘mamlook’.

2.       Black is repeating ‘my belief’… White is belief in Moula.

3.       Black is leaving Moula’s janaazah. White is staying by its side.

4.       Black fears. White sacrifices.

5.       Black is claiming grief. White is showing it.

6.       Black is claiming saathey rakha. White is silently saathey rhaya.

7.       Black is demanding rutba. White is serving it.

8.       Black is quoting trust numbers. White is earning trust.

9.       Black is claiming knowledge. White is applying it in Dawat’s service.

10.   Black is feigning superiority. White is humility.

11.   Black is claiming time for ziyaarat. White is ensuring that others are blessed with it.

12.   Black is copying Moula. White is serving him.

13.   Black demands his place next to Moula. White always stands behind him.

14.   Black is idle chatter. White is dignified silence.

15.   Black is inarticulateness. White is eloquence.

16.   Black is tarnishing your predecessor. White is celebrating him.

17.   Black is feigning remembrance. White never forgets.

18.   Black mentions enemies. White attracts friends.

19.   Black misuses children. White cherishes them.

20.   Black demands ta’at. White is ta’at personified.

In this case, life is indeed black and white.


  • Mohammed Mulla Saifuddin Rangoonwala

    Mr.K.K. seems to be a magalomaniac who always is in the habit of claiming “me” and” Mein” and “maney” and “mahru”..

  • How much suffering and fear, and how many harmful things are in existence? It all arises from clinging to the ” I ” . What should one do with the demon called ” I ” ??

  • abdo maulana al mifdaal

    وكل بمشبهه شاغف * فكم بالبياض وكم بالسواد

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