Reason #31: Misaaq is to Moula, not to Mazoon

Misaaq is to Moula, not to Mazoon

From their website:

The rutba is fully named Mazoon al-Mutlaq because of the high platform that it shares with the Dai al-Mutlaq. It is a rutba for which we give an oath of allegiance in the misaaq alongside the Dai.

 We are mumineen, true followers of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin, and true adherents to the misaaq, fulfilling our qasam of walayat to Dai Mazoon Mukasir

 The fitnat people claim that Burhanuddin Mola ye Qutbuddin Mola ne “reva dida”, keeping him Mazoon only in zahir/outwardly form. If this were true, how could Burhanuddin Mola continue to take Qutbuddin Mola’s name in the misaaq oath which is the basis of every mumin’s imaan?

The misaaq is indeed the fundamental pact by which a Mumin acquires salvation. However, that pact is solely between Moula and Mumin. As the misaaq text clearly states, “This misaaq is for the 21st Imam, Imam Tayyib and his Dai and Na’ib, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin/Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin”. In the 900 years of Satr, no Dai has ever mentioned in misaaq that this misaaq is for the Dai, Mazoon and Mukasir.  When the rutbas and those who been placed in those rutbas by Dai al-Zaman, are read out during the misaaq, the word ‘Na’am’ does not mean that the one who is giving his misaaq is giving his misaaq to the rutbas. Rather, he or she is agreeing and accepting the actions and appointments of Dai al-Zaman and affirming that he has the sole authority to place whosoever he wishes in any position he wants. It is the ta’at and walayat of the Muftaraz ul-Ta’aat Dai that we are affirming our allegiance and loyalty to.

The misaaq is an oath of allegiance to Haq na Sahib – not to Mazoon or Mukasir. THIS IS A FACT – NOT A FABRICATION. What they are purporting is lies and falsehood, continuing to twist every fact, every bayaan, every zikr, every historical event to serve their sole purpose of justifying the claim of Khuzaima. It is blatantly obvious to those who have an iota of intelligence what they are doing.

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