Reason #32: In your 50 years

(From the author of the ‘Black & White’, post #18)

I know not the job responsibilities of a Dawat dignitary but both my heart and intellect dictate that the prime focus must be to bring Mumineen closer to their Dai and Moula.

I am a simple Mumin, one of many. We look back at the last 50 years and recollect who has affectionately brought us nearer to Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. Our collective life experiences attest to Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS bringing us closer to Moula. During all these times, these moments, these memories, where were you? This is what Syedna Saifuddin TUS, His Eminence (HE) did and continues to do for me. What did you do?

1.       When I was born, HE helped my parents get my name from Moula RA. You were busy giving your own.

2.       HE made my parents understand that Deeni Taaleem preceded secular education. You showed your children the opposite.

3.       HE addresses my children in his bayans. You are incomprehensible to them.

4.       HE captured their hearts. You were irrelevant to them.

5.       HE has taught them to recite Moula’s shahadat (of Imam Husain SA). You have not seemed to learn it yourself.

6.       HE was busy taking Moula’s mesaaq. Your allegiance was to yourself alone.

7.       HE was seen satiating the thirst of a Jamea student. You were thinking them gundao.

8.       HE struggled amidst the mountains of Yemen. You were busy making mountains out of molehills.

9.       HE shows me the Shari’at. You show me how to abuse it

10.   HE shows me business. You show me interest.

11.   HE took me to Moula’s RA hazrat. You were hardly there.

12.   HE blessed me with courage for Moula’s ziyafat. You were encouraging your own.

13.   HE facilitated deedar. You resonated inkaar.

14.   HE taught me participation in Moula’s Ashara Mubarakah. You advocated alienation.

15.   HE shows me Moula’s ability. You speak of his incapacity.

16.   HE ensures me Moula’s Faizul Mawaid. You were busy buying your support.

17.   HE opens ziyaarat. You closed it.

18.   HE tirelessly joins hearts. You fractured a community.

19.   HE walked in a throng of supplicants. You had to beckon them.

20.   HE smiled at us. You frowned.

In conclusion, HE brought me closer to Moula. You did not.

One comment

  • mrs husein mohsinally

    this is the truth of every mumeen muneenaat ane hamara farzando that Burhanuddin mola (ra) and Muffadal mola(tus) are a part of our life without whom we can never think of living without.

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