Reason # 38: Syedna Burhanuddin RA as our Bawa Shafeeq: Lessons to his children

(Another Lawyer’s Perspective- received externally).

Many mumineen refer to Huzurala (TUS) as  Bawasaheb or as the Bawa Shafeeq of the mumineen; Aqa Burhauddin RA served Imam-uz-Zaman for 50 years, teaching us to follow Sirat-al-Mustaqeem with his fatherly affection. 

No one who claims to be a follower of Syedna Mohammed Burhunuddin would dispute that that he was indeed our Bawasaheb. Every moment of the last 50 years was spent in the tarbiyat of mumineen.

Khuzaima Qutbuddin even acknowledges on his website (when discussing the position of the Mazoon as the mother of mumin), the Dai is like the father of a mumin (see reason #1 for a more detailed comment on this point).

In various conversations over the years with Khuzaima’s family, I can recall only a few instances where they quoted or pointed to any bayan or teaching of Aqa Burhunuddin RA. Almost all of their “deeni” experience and knowledge stemmed from what their (physical) father, Khuzaima, had taught them; either from Khuzaima’s own actions and or his interpretations of hidayat from his own father, Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA. But this is not in itself a sign of their fitnati nature. One can reasonably expect that children will wholly imbibe and absorb  what they learn from their tarbiyat.

 So the question for Khuzaima to answer is: What sort of father and Bawa Shafeeq does he think Syedna Burhnauddin was? Because Khuzaima’s version of events around nass, and the alleged conspiracy of Syedna Burhanuddin’s immediate family betray his hollow words and the hypocrisy with which he viewed Bawasaheb RA’s fatherly tarbiyat towards his physical and spiritual children.

We know the Shazadas have received tarbiyat directly from Bawasaheb Burhuniddin RA, and be surrounded by his teachings, his hidayat, his noor, and his Imaami mission — in the same way that Khuzaima’s children drank from the fountain of his fitnat as they were growing up (and into adulthood).

 If we hypothetically (may Allah Ta’ala protect us from such falsehoods) accept Khuzaima’s version of events, there are only two distinct possibilities:

1) The Shazadas did not know that Syedna Burhunddin had done nass on Khuzaima (or anyone else). They manipulated events to “invent” nass on Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (“Scenario 1”)

Scenario 1  requires us to believe that despite the close proximity to Bawasaheb Burhanuddin RA, and the detailed and affectionate care with which he raised his children – ALL of the Shazadas are capable of abandoning the central tenant of Islam; that every Imam *must* proclaim nass on his successor before departing this world, and in Zamaan-as-Satr, every Dai has obligation to proclaim nass on his successor.

It boggles the mind as to how Khuzaima has the inclination to even allege the Shazadas believed their own father had failed in his supreme duty to perform nass and they took advantage by inventing the nass on Syedna Muffadal.Khuzaima wants us, in order to accept his claim, believe that  Bawasaheb Burhunuddin RA, failed to teach this most basic tenant to even a single one of his own children. This is the same Bawasaheb who was charged by the Imam to provide tarbiyat to all ibadullah and be the father for all mumineen.

2)      The Shazadas knew (either directly or indirectly) about nass on Khuzaima, and manipulated events to damage his claim (“Scenario 2”)and move the people towards Syedna Muffadal.

Scenario 2 betrays even more ridiculous slander from Khuzaima towards Syedna Burhunuddin RA.  It would mean that Aqa Burhunuddin failed to teach any of his own children of the never-ending silsila of nass, and that no one can prevent the rightful mansoos from the dawat of Islam. Le’in Yazid and the maloons of Karbala could not cover up the chain of nass; Imam Ali Zainulabedin continued to provide light in those days of darkness.Khuzaima wants to us to think that Syedna Burhanuddin’s RA constant aza’ dari and hidayat to remember Imam Hussain SA were wasted on his own children – as the Shazadas feel they are capable of breaking nass and extinguishing the Imaami light in the days of Satr. Aqa Burhanuddin RA spent decades teaching mumineen about Imam Hussein SA and the meaning of his sacrifice, as the core message of Islam and Imaan. But Khuzaima wants us to believe that Syedna Burhanuddin RA yet failed to teach his own children that very same message.

 Of course, there is a third possibility that some of the Shazadas were innocently misled and led astray by their more “astute” brothers. This possibility can be discounted by anyone who has had a conversation with any of the Shazada Sahebs. They are all different in nature; some have a greater sense of irony, others a greater sense of humour, some are extroverted, and others are more introverted, some like to play sports, others like to watch sports. But they are all, without a shadow of a doubt, very intelligent and extremely capable men. Even Khuzaima indirectly acknowledges their capabilities by alleging them to have led such a massive and intricate plot against himself. So the possibility that some Shazadas have been led innocently astray by others can safely be labelled as delusional fantasy.

Clearly, Khuzaima does not think much of Aqa Burhuddin RA as a Bawa Shafeeq; as extending Khuzaima’s logic means if Aqa Burhanuddin RA couldn’t even teach a single one of his children about the core of Islam and Imaan; how could he have taught the world? Clearly, he has no regard for the tarbiyat under which mumineen have flourished in the last 50 years.

 Well, Khuzaima; I have a lesson for you; I am my fathers’ son – whether it’s my father in a spiritual or physical sense – and although you may have failed to provide the right tarbiyat and guidance to your children, both my ruhani Bawasaheb and my jismani father did teach me. And your hypocrisy and disdain towards Bawasaheb Burhunuddin’s role as our father just proves that you could never be anyone’s spiritual bawasaheb!

One comment

  • Each word is correct in this reason not to believe and one more instance of upbringing of khuzema against taleemat of our Aqa moula is narrated by one mumin of Sydney that we are instructed to receive on airport one of the son of khuzema who is coming for study in sydney university .we went to receive him expecting to be in Imaani dress but we haven’t seen any one. Then one boy came we didn’t recognize him because of his dress and long hair like hippies . He came to us due to our Imani libaas and asked us whom you are searching for we told that son of khuzema . He said that I am his son Taher. We surprised looking him from up to down .
    It is not a matter of surprise that who were brought up like this will became masloobu t toufiq and become enemy of Dawat.
    Abde syedna Mufaddal (tus)

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