Reason #62: His Own Dawat

Khuzaima Qutbuddin began his Dawat with the launch of his ‘official’ site while Burhanuddin Moula’s RA jism mubarak was still being laid to rest by Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. While Mumineen were mourning their father, some literally while watching the mubarak dafan, they received emails to answer Khuzaima’s call. Repulsive and awful as this is, the fact of the matter, one which is far worse, is that Khuzaima had begun his Dawat while Burhanuddin Moula RAwas still alive.  Alongside Burhanuddin Moula’s RA  Dawat, Dawat-e-Hadiyah, Khuzaima many years ago had established his own. The inappropriate uses of traditions and protocol reserved for the Dai, the constant distance maintained away from hadrat imamiyyah especially during the last several years, the apparent discouragement of others from going to hadrat imamiyah, the regular emphasis on one’s own achievements and little to no mention of the Dai, and the establishment of charities while disregarding those already established by Moula all bear testimony to this.

There can only be one Dai Mutlaq

Tawheed, or the concept that there is only one Creator, is inherently linked to the understanding that in each era there is only one Imam, and in his satr (seclusion), one Dai. For the last fifty years, the only al-Dai al-Mutlaq on the face of the earth was Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, and he was the only being deserving of the respect and reverence that accompanies this maqaam and position. Khuzaima would have us believe otherwise. For the thousands of Mumineen who have seen Khuzaima during Burhanuddin Moula’s RA era, or observed a majlis that he presided over, or chanced upon one of his ‘ziyarats’ of Rawdat Taherah it was only much too obvious how he imitated the Dai and expected others to show him reverence akin to what was shown to Moula. In various cities across India, including Ujjain, Galyakot and Ahmedabad (where I have seen him with my own eyes), thousands of Mumineen will testify to his insistence to be carried around on a palanquin (miyaana).  The way he gave salaami, the way he carried a tasbeeh in his hand; no other sahebo did this, not even Mukasir saheb, so why did he? When he would visit Rawdat Taherah, the ziyarat lines would be stopped and Mumineen would be forced to sit down. He would have khidmat guzar observe the same protocol as they did when Moula would do ziyarat such as the placement of the qabar mubarak gilaafs and flowers. In places like Secunderabad, during his visits Mumineen would be told to stand along the roads and wait for his car so that they could do his ‘deedar’. His children and followers equated his dua with the dua mubarak of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA and in many instances disregarded Moula’s RA dua mubarak altogether. In describing the ‘success’ story of a Mumin Bhai, the Zahra Hasanaat charity website ( states the following:

With the Mubarak dua of Mazoon Mola TUS he repaid the Qarzan amount and started working as a software executive. He is aspiring to be a software programmer in the company.

What is glaringly absent here is any reference to Moula’s RA dua mubarak.  In Secunderabad last Ramadan, Khuzaima’s son Aziz stood up to specifically tell Mumineen to benefit from his father’s deedar, his father’s dua and his father’s shifaa. How can there be deedar of anyone apart from the Dai? The source of all dua and shifaa is the Dai, and it is through his barakat and raza that other khidmatguzar are ever even in the position to offer dua for anyone. Elsewhere on the Zahra Hasanaat site, there is a reference to ‘Mazoon Mola’s’ iftaar jaman. Throughout the world, niyaaz and iftaar is always announced as being on behalf of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, regardless of who is doing khidmat of the jaman. As per Khuzaima’s instructions, his affiliates would announce the niyaaz in various cities in the world as being on behalf of him rather than Moula Burhanuddin RA. From the very beginning then, Khuzaima imitated the maqaam of the Dai and established his own Dawat.

Distance from Moula 

Khuzaima maintained distance from the hadrat imamiyah of Moula so that he could create his own hadrat. In the last 30 years of Asharah Mubarakah, how often can Khuzaima be seen at Moula’s RA side? In fact, even his sons and daughters could not be seen. As a measure of representation, Khuzaima would send one of his sons to attend Moula’s RA Asharah and even when in Moula’s presence, despite hearing the shahaadat from the labb mubarak of Husain Imam’s SA Dai RA, a Mumin would be hard pressed to see any one of them shed a tear or express grief in the way Moula has taught us.

Khuzaima and his affiliates claim that Moula and his Dawat had been hijacked in the last three years. However, did they not believe that the deedar of Moula still carried barakat? Was there no merit in attending Asharah Mubarakah with Moula, even if its sole purpose was to only catch a single glimpse of Syedna Burhanuddin RA? Or was the notion of deedar hijacked as well? While thousands of Mumineen waited for hours on Rawdat Taherah street in order to see Moula’s radiant chera mubarak, Khuzaima and his affiliates gathered in a large house in Bakersfield. Not only did he shun the hadrat imamiyah of Syedna Burhanuddin RA, he shunned even the jamaat and community center built with his raza mubarak for the privacy of his son TB’s home.

The Role of a Mazoon 

The Mazoon’s role is to bring Mumineen closer to the Dai. How many people can honestly say that Khuzaima had a hand in bringing them closer to Burhanuddin Moula? In fact, Khuzaima actively sought to keep people distant from Moula. In Colombo many years ago, Khuzaima became upset when his host, Shaikh Abidali Bhai Jaferjee requested raza for his family to travel to Cairo to have his sons’ nikah conducted at the hands of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. His response:  “Why is there any need to go there when I am here?” Every year before Asharah, he would call up his close confidants and followers and specifically instruct them to come to the venue where he would be delivering wa´az rather than attending the Asharah Mubarakah conducted by Moula. How could anyone tell a Mumin not to go to Moula?

To Never Speak of Moula

What’s more is that when Khuzaima speaks, he speaks only of himself. Apart from a cursory, formal prayer for Syedna Burhanuddin RA, when have any of us heard Khuzaima speak of Syedna Burhanuddin RA? In Toronto last year, Mumineen will attest to the fact that Khuzaima has not mentioned Moula’s name more than a couple times during a wa’az, forget describing Moula’s shaan or recounting a moment where he was privy to seeing Burhanuddin Moula’s RA splendor in the fifty years of being his Mazoon, a fact he continues to parade. Surely, in these fifty years he must have witnessed hundreds and hundreds of shaanaat? The truth is that Khuzaima was never around, and when he was, he was too busy trying to demonstrate his own shaan to notice Moula’s or filled with hatred and envy to witness Moula’s maqaam. The fact that the FatemiDawat site had to pull out an audio clip from over 27 years ago in which he said something positive about Moula is proof enough of his indifference, nay, animosity towards Moula.

The night that this Moula passed away was a night when no Mumin could think of anything other than their Moula: the way he smiled, the way he spoke, the way he touched each of our hearts. Khuzaima, however, did not muster one bayaan, not a single instance where in which mentioned Moula without self-promotion involved. Every single time he recounts a historic incident with Moula it only to provide so-called evidence of his nass. Watch his YouTube videos and you will not be able to deny this. All anyone can hear is ‘mein, mein, mein’. Evidence of being a Dai’s mansoos is not in merely claiming it, but in keeping that Dai’s memory alive; an act Khuzaima failed to do the very night the Dai passed away.

To have vision but not sight

On his official website, Khuzaima promotes his vision for his Dawat, but as you may have guessed, this is a vision he maintained long before Moula Burhanuddin RA left us for the Hereafter. The very presence of a philosophy page on the website indicates that he felt it necessary to clarify his vision and make it obvious that it contrasted with the prevalent practices and philosophies of Burhanuddin Moula’s RA Dawat, practices that obviously go beyond the three years where they claim Dawat was ‘hijacked’. Khuzaima has always differed from Moula and this is obvious in his unabashing use of interest in financial transactions, the manner by which the females of his home veil themselves, his disregard for Jamea, his unsanctioned practices during the ziyarat of Awliyaullah SA, his attention, or lack thereof to namaaz timings, his disrespect and ignorance of the principles of zakat, and many, many other things. Khuzaima is nothing like Syedna Burhanuddin RA. His actions throughout his life pointed towards this and now his ‘philosophy’ webpage confirms it.

Failing to honor Moula’s memory

Syedna Burhanuddin RA is the epitome of generosity, in fact, he is generosity personified. During the course of his fifty years he established numerous charities, funds and movements for the betterment of all mankind, many in the revered memory of his father Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA. As Mazoon of Syedna Burhanuddin’s RA Dawat, it was Khuzaima’s job to assist in the functioning and outreach of these establishments in the name of his Moula. Yet Khuzaima never did any of that. In fact, Khuzaima was not associated to even a single department of the many departments under Moulana’s administration. Khuzaima not only failed to assist and support Moula’s administration and charities; he disregarded and established his own. Zahra Hasanat was established in 1997 with objectives that overlap those that Burhanuddin Moula’s RA entities already cater to. The gravest example of this is that during the Burhanuddin Moula’s RA golden jubilee year, when Mumineen worldwide were celebrating one of the most momentous occasions in the last century, giving tribute to their Moula in different ways, Khuzaima celebrated his own jubilee in a private function held in Najam Baug and established a charity for higher education naming it after himself: The Qutbi Jubilee Scholarship Program. His site claims:

The charities founded and supervised by Syedna [sic] Qutbuddin, such as Zahra Hasanaat and the Qutbi Jubilee Scholarship Program for Higher Education (QJSP), are examples of this sage and conscientious philosophy. They are forward-looking institutions for the benefit of all mumineen. Syedna [sic] Qutbuddin’s efforts in this regard are a true implementation of Syedna Burhanuddin’s directives to help mumineen.

How can Khuzaima’s initiatives be a ‘true implementation of Syedna Burhanuddin’s RA directives’ in meaning if they are not even remotely associated to him in name? That Khuzaima’s last official act in the reign of his predecessor was to establish an entity that took his own name rather than that of his Moula’s, his greatest benefactor, the one who according to Fatemi philosophy is considered to be his mujid, the one who has created him and given him existence, is evidence of his disregard for Moula even while he lived. No Mazoon, let alone Mumin, would give his own self priority over his Moula. Do not our littlest children know that anything and everything good is attributed to Moula?


 The evidence provided in this post should not be dismissed as anecdotal or hearsay. Ask around with an open mind and thousands of Mumineen will verify the statements made here. Khuzaima had no respect for Syedna Burhanuddin. He was fixated with becoming the Dai to the extent that he started acting like one while Moula was still alive. And when the day came that our Moula was no more, he did not hesitate to claim the mantle of that which he always pretended to be. But Dawat al-Haqq can only be towards Allah Ta’ala and can only be led by the true Dai.

Unto Him is the Call to Haqq. And those they call upon besides Him do not respond to them with a thing, except as one who stretches his hands toward water [from afar, calling it] to reach his mouth, but it will not reach it [thus]. And the supplication of the disbelievers is not but in error [i.e. futility].


  • M Mustafa Sk Burhanuddin Taskeen

    Against the current!

    This point is so apparent that it has been talked about frequently and also in above reason but there is no harm in offering guna gun zakat of whatever knowledge you have.

    Since my birth I have seen mumeneen attract towards maula. I remember when I was very young I used to see mumeneen fall on maula’s miana, on the car, on one another in pursuit of deedar. Mumeneen standing in queues for eternity and still after missing qadambosi saying “alhamdolilah deedar to thaya”. I wondered what was this. Then gradually as I grew up under the shadow of my maula’s tarbiyat I understood that one second with maula is better than a minute elsewhere, rather than an hour, day, month, year or even centuries! I learnt to seek nearest proximity to maula whenever wherever however possible.

    Who taught me this? Of course my parents first, then my moallimeen kiraam, dawat khidmatguzars then qasreaali sahebo then shehzada sahebo. Everyone was always seen revolving around centre of barakaat, our maula except for one man who had the opportunity to sit closet to maula, who could access maula’s deedar, qadambosi etc at will. Unfortunately he was not to be found.

    Imagine a person trying to surf against the waves. Insane? Yes because he is going against the current. When all are going in a particular direction, moving in the opposite could be severely damaging, physically and psychologically. At elementary level in schools we are taught to always move together, in harmony so that you donot become the choker of the lot. You donot become the hindering reason. When mumeneen were found drawing closer to maula khuzaima was seen moving against the current.

    The fact that Khuzaima’s place beside maula was seen unoccupied in many many occasions is telling enough. When mumeneen were rushing towards their maula in 1399H for multaqa he was heading elsewhere, against the current. When maula used to lead imamat namaz he seemed to be confined in a world of his own. People even saw him once indifferently prolonging sajda while Burhanuddin Mola RA twice gave raza for iqamat, so irritating that maula himself had to finger him to stand up! Against the current! When Aalam e Iman used to get engrossed in taking barakaat of relay, he would segregate himself and walk on his own path.Against the current! An imposter like a chameleon uses camouflage to deceive whereas a mukhlis like a butterfly skilfully blends into nature to emanate natural beauty! This is the difference I found between him and sadaat kiram!

    What a fitting eternal saying to sum up.المؤمن قليل المؤنة كثير المعونة. (Mumin is the one who gives least pain and maximum support). Surely,when you are running into speeding vehicles,you are in the wrong lane!

  • Husain m.saifuddin

    sayyedi Sadik ali saheb farmave chhe
    “Duniya ma chhe rivaaz ke gar koi bashar mare,Ehna je hoe mohib te nipat gum ma tarfare,Hargiz kafan dafan na siva dhyan nahi dhare,Aa ummato si thay na koi ummato kare
    Nasraniyo yahudi bhi ehwu kare nahi,Ahmed Nabi na marwa si dilshaad tha yakee

    Mamluke sayyedna(t.u.s)ni dukaan par workers mushrik chhe magar moula na wafat ni khabar si ghana sadma ma tha
    ane Khuzema aa sagli biddato ma mashgul tho,Ye misal zulm to koi insaan na kare

    • Shk Husain Zakir

      Mamaluke Syedna TUS Kawant ma Amalat ni khidmat par chhu. Maula wafat thaya to mumeneen sagla masjid ma jame thaya ane huzun ma ane buka ma hata. Itna ek mumin bhai ye aawi ne mane kahyu ke janab sagla hindu logo bahar aaya che ane em kahe chhe ke aaje Kawant na saglaaj logo Maulana na wafat ni khabar si huzun ma chhe tesi har qaum na logo aaje dukaan band karwa nu kahe chhe. Ane ye sagla ye dukano band kari nakhi. Bazar ma mahol ehwo ke goya gaam khali hoi. Ane Khuzaima to ghar maaj hato ane bhagi gayo. Huzun to su balke ehne dil ma khushi thai hase ke hawe ye ehni fitnat kari sakse.
      Wo hinduo ye je dukano band rakhi shok manayo khuda ye sagla ne ehni had jaza zarur aapse. Ane KQ ne je azab thase ehni shuruaat khuda ye ehni zaban ma batawi didu chhe.

  • Amate syedna tus.

    i couldnt help but notice, that the philosophy section on ‘fatemidawat’ that consists of a few ‘visions’ of how shari’ah should be practiced- is actually proof of how far they really are from shari’ah.
    they have filled their website with endless bayaans from kutub ud dawat and interpreted them incorrectly (such as rasaa’il sharif etc). Its funny that the one bayaan about how mumineen should practice shariat aaamal-walaayat taharat etc- the one paragraph that we can say is not wrong, is the section given the least focus on on their site! this paragraph is barely two sentences long, while the sugar-coated paragraphs after that about education and financial issues- that are pointing towards going against the shariat- have been so elongated! Just shows us how much they are away from not only imaan, but the shariat of Islam!
    i feel bad for the people who have chosen to follow the teachings of the one who didnt, rather couldnt learn anything in his 50 years, staying with the source of all ‘uloom syedna mohammed burhanuddin r.a.

  • there are too many evidences that khuzema and his family always gone against syedna mohammed burhanuddin r.a and dawat’s rusumaat,one of the dawat’s rasam is ashara mubarakah mawaiz which is performed in morning except in places having genuine reasons,but khuzema and his sons performed ashara mawaiz in evening even in places where always ashara mawaiz performed in morning…….why? why? why?
    does they think they can think more than dai r.a………maula fajare waaz farmave ane yeh logo duphere……where is iqteda with maulana mohammed burhanuddin r.a

  • AliAkber E Sadriwala

    As stated in Surah Al Munafiqun:

    Since they fully knew what game of hypocrisy they were playing under the screen of their superficial faith, they always remained in a state of alarm, thinking as to when the secret of their treason might be exposed, or the believers might feel disgusted with their evil deeds and machinations and take them to task for them. If ever a cry was raised anywhere in the city, or a noise was heard; they immediately grew alarmed and thought it was directed against themselves.

    In other words, these hidden enemies are more dangerous than the open enemies.

    That is, do not be deceived by their outward appearances. Beware of them, for they can deceive you at any moment.

    This is not a curse but a declaration of the verdict about them by Allah that they have become worthy of His punishment and He will certainly inflict His punishment on them. It is also possible that Allah may not have used these words in their literal sense but in the meaning of a curse and condemnation according to Arabic idiom.

    It has not been pointed out as to who perverts them from belief to hypocrisy. This by itself makes it clear that there is not one but many factors responsible for their perversion. There is Satan, there are their evil friends, and there are their own selfish motives. Someone’s wife or children become his motive, and someone is driven to perversion by the evil ones in his society, or by jealousy, spite and pride.

    This was clearly visible when they (Khuzaima & his sons) not only refuse to come to the Moula TUS to seek forgiveness, but also on hearing the invitation they shake their heads with arrogance and pride, and remain adamant, thinking that it would be disgraceful for them to approach Moula TUS to seek forgiveness.

    Abde Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS

  • Shk Abbas Ebrahim Khokhar

    From all the evidences that we have seen and the character of Khuzema and his so called troops it is clear that they were all busy hatching conspiracy against Burhanuddin Maula RA’s Dawat since a very long time. So my question is that let alone Khuzema believing Mufaddal Mauala TUS as nas naa Saheb, he has not accepted by heart Burhanuddin Maula TUS as 52nd Dai. Also, If he was genuinely a successor he should be the only person to perform Namaze Janaza. It is my suggestion for those who have astrayed should judge from the act of Khuzema. In other words his followers have also lost faith of Burhanuddin Maula RA and therefore the continuity of Dawat has been distorted.

  • Amate Sayedna Muffadal Saifuddin TUS

    Someone very rightly commented that if Imam were to do zuhoor, Mr. Qutbuddin would be first to proclaim that he is Imam himself. Such are his actions.

  • Enough has been said. Knowing him so closely that I was the one he chose to a table tennis table and make a badminton court. At
    Far us Sakina.
    Incidentaly this house belonged to my friend one Mr. Seth, and had visited this house several times. But after The Davedaar bought the house I have visited only once the reason mentioned above.
    I can only say knowing him so closely what arrogance and pride can take u to Hell.

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