Reason #63: Q & A (Part 1)

The following claims and statements were made by Bazat Tahera and her brother Husain Qutbuddin in their attempts to ‘help’ Mumineen ‘see’ the truth. Here, their fallacies and fabrications have been clarified.

Referring to the Nass of 1426H, Bazat Tahera claims that there are many discrepancies in the versions of this Nass. She says in one version, Shehzada Qusai BS was present with Shehzada Qaid Johar BS.

  • Firstly, there have been absolutely NO discrepancies in this report and only one version, the actual version, of this nass has been narrated. Burhanuddin Moula informed both Shehzada Qaid Johar BS & Shehzada Malikul Ashtar BS of his nass upon Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin in London in 1426H. This was when Moulana’s mizaaj was not well, before even the incident in 1427 where Moula stayed in Saifee Hospital for three months. During the last decade, this was Moula’s first severe illness and he immediately revealed his nass to his closest confidants, his own two children.

  • Unlike BT’s claim, there has been no version of this nass narrated with Shz Qusai BS being one of the witnesses. She deliberately throws in names to confuse people.

  • In fact, a few hours after the 1432H Nass in London, Shehzada Malikul Ashtar BS did a bayan in Houston and related the incident in London in 1426H. This bayaan was relayed to all centres in USA. This was the first time anyone had heard about this incident, directly from one of the witnesses.

  • This incident is also documented in detail in Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s TUS Risalah Shareefah Zaat al Noor (1388H), that was published in 1432H (after the Nass was made public).

Bazat Tahera also refers to a Risala of 1392H where a certain Nass is mentioned.

  • She seems ignorant to that fact that, till this date no such risalah has been published. The last published risalah is Barakat o Sibghatillah (1390H). Again, by taking names and mentioning dates of risalahs, BT tries to show her audience she is informed and that there is authenticity to her words. However, the fact that she refers to a risalah that has yet to be published demonstrates that she is preying on people’s ignorance and throwing terms around in the hope that people will find her authoritative.

Bazat Tahera says that ‘there is no record in history that the Mansoos hasn’t been informed that he is the Mansoos’. She alleges that Syedna Mufaddal only found this out in London 1432H, and that is the reason why he was so shocked.

  • First of all, her statement is a double negative.

  • Secondly, it is completely UNTRUE that there has never been a mansoos who was unaware of nass being done upon him by his predecessor. Just one example will suffice. When Syedna Abdullah Badruddin RA appointed Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA as his mansoos, he did so at night before witnesses. However, Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA himself was not present. It was only in the morning that Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA was called by Syedna Badruddin RA and informed of the nass. Moula Burhanuddin RA often recounts this event. Obviously then, there have been periods, whether they have been a single night or several years, where a mansoos has not been informed that he is the mansoos.

  • Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS had been informed that he was Syedna Burhanuddin’s mansoos, by Burhanuddin Moula himself. During the waaz on 4th Rabi al Akhar 1435, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS stated that Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin had in fact told him about the Nass in 1430H. He was aware of the Nass before 1432.

  • Syedna Mufaddal’s reaction to hearing the other Shazadahs was simply out of concern and care for Burhanuddin Moulas health, not that he did not know that he was mansoos. He feared something may have happened. Indeed, most Mumineen when upon hearing the news of the nass, especially having known Moulana had suffered a stroke a few days earlier, reacted similarly.

The Qutbuddins and their very few followers constantly say that they did not hear Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin perform Nass on Syedna Mufaddal TUS in Raudat Tahera.

  • (Please refer to  Reason #5) The words “Mufaddal Bhai ne Nass nu Taaj” are very clear in the video posted on the website.

  • This was heard by all those who were present, and who heard the relay. Thousands have seen and heard this.


  • The words by Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA “Mufaddal Bhai ne Nass nu Taaj” were heard by all those thousands who were present and thousands who heard and watched the video relay.

    This point and this point alone is enough to supersede any other points and confirms, without any doubt, the nass on Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS).

  • I have personally known the dawedaar during our shababul eid oz zahabi days. As I was also in the sports committee where the dawedaar was the chairman. I was very close to him since he is exactly my age. During that time his behavior was that he was mazoon and mansus. His whole family believed that. How and why I do not know. I have not met him nor seen him for the last ,,10 years. But one thing is definite that he and his family were waiting for the wafaat of our Maula RE and proclaim his evil intentions. Seen the Dawrdaar and our Maula Mufaddal TUS. there can be no comparison. I have seen both in my childhood , played cricket with them in Saify mahal. Maula Mufaddal TUS was very shy humble and the Dawedaar was very authorative and always threw his weight around. As it turned out today our Maula Muffadal TUS is like an angel without doubt. The first time I saw him after nass in Pune on Milad un Nabi day where he recided waaz sitting on the same platform besides Maula Burhanuddin RA. He resembled an Angel. There was light or No or on his face .proving that he was the rightful heir to throne of the Dawat of the Fatemi Imams. May Allha Subhhanahu grant our Mauls TUS. Long life till the day of qayamat

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