Reason #68: (Janazah-Post 3) – The Carrying of the Janazah

The Janazah Mubarak of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA

Post 3 – The Carrying of the Janazah

Da’aim al-Islam has clearly established that carrying a janazah by foot, upon the shoulders of men is Sunnat and the preferred means. Yet, this is not all that Da’aim states. It is ironic that Husain Qutbuddin, who attempts to criticize someone given charge of a Mumin’s janazah for not referring to Da’aim, is himself unaware of Da’aim as well as other Dawat texts. In the very same paragraph in Da’a’im where it is mentioned that the janazah should be carried, it is explained that a janazah can also be taken upon an animal (i.e. camel or other riding animal) if the situation calls for it. In fact, that is how the narration begins. The text from Da’aim is as follows:

[Narrated] from Ali SA, he has given permission that a janazah can be carried on an animal or carriage. This is allowed if there are not a sufficient number of people to carry it or there is some other excuse or justification (‘uzr). The sunnat, however, and that which is [normally] instructed of is for it to be carried by men. 

The two options given by Amirul Mumineen SA are clear. The janazah should be carried by men and when not possible, either due to there being too few men or some other reason that prohibits carrying the janazah on shoulders, it can be carried by a carriage. Mukhtasar al-Aathar, Kitab al-Wadiyyah (by Syedna Ahmad Hamiduddin al-Kirmani) and Kitab al-Muntakhabah all reiterate this guidance.

It is in accordance with these explicit instructions of Shari’at that Hudat Kiram have always acted. In 1987, when Amirul Jamea al-Muqaddas passed away, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA flew to Cairo to lead his janazah namaz. After namaz in Anwar, the janazah mubarakah was carried to Ra’as al-Husain’s zareeh mubarak and then placed in a vehicle. Syedna Burhanuddin RA, seated in another car, followed the janazah to Marj. There, Amirul Jamea al-Muqaddas was buried outside the Qubbah Mubarakah of Moulana Malek al-Ashtar RA.

Husain Qutbuddin attempts to highlight the importance and hurmat of a Mumin’s janazah in his YouTube Q&A sessions and states that Syedna al-Qadi Noman RA has emphasised that a Mumin’s janazah should be carried on one’s shoulders. His questions why this was not considered for Moula. Using his own rhetoric, something that applies for every Mumin should have been applied for the shahzadah of a Dai:

When Shahzadah Mohammed al-Baqir Bhaisaheb passed away in February, 2009, KQ led prayers over his janazah and presided over his funeral and final rites. After namaz in Saifee masjid, KQ instructed that the janazah be taken to Mohammed Ali road using the alley besides Rawdat Taherah. Once on the main road, KQ had the janazah placed in an ambulance; family members got in the ambulance and sat besdies it. KQ himself got into his Mercedes and then drove to Naryal Wadi where Shahzadah al-Muqaddas was finally laid to rest. Did Husain Qutbuddin forget that his own father allowed for a janazah to be placed in a vehicle, despite the relatively shorter distance and lack of concern over numbers and crowd control?


  • inability to identify references in Dawat texts that clearly allow what he claims is not allowed by shari’at,
  • incapacity to understand the meanings of these texts,
  • failure to realise that his own father has done what he claims is against the sunnah;

All these things indicate that it is he and his father who lack tawfeeq and divine inspiration from Allah Ta’ala.

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