Reason #72: (Janazah-Post 7) – Please Excuse Me!

The Janazah Mubarak of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA

Post 7 – Please Excuse Me!

Khuzaima attempts to excuse and absolve himself of all his duties in regards to the janazah mubarakah of al-Dai Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. In a weak attempt at veiling his failures, he claims that had he tried to fulfil any of his duties, a “hungama” (riot) would have ensued leading to the behurmati (disrespect) of the janazah mubarakah.

This is not true.

There are many ways he could have been by his Moula’s side had he wished to do so without any hungama or behurmati taking place. In fact, in hindsight, he did more damage to his claim, and his supporters, in the eyes of the world by not attending to his responsibilities.

He could have been part of all the events, mentioned below, without doing any harm to his alleged position if he had just delayed his claim. Far from being tarnished, his claim would have been enhanced by his participation. The truth is that his false claim, at the time, had not even reached most Mumineen who were too immersed in rites of grief to be reading his emails. Nothing would have happened because his ill timed claim was unknown to most when these events were in motion.

  • Would a hungama have occurred if he had quietly stayed by his Moula’s side the night Mumineen were clamouring to get a last glimpse of their Moula. His position as Mazoon would have ensured that he could have spent the whole night by his Moula’s side, as others from Moula’s household were so privileged.
  • Would a hungama have occurred if he had quietly witnessed the last respects the State Government, on behalf of the Indian nation, paid to this great leader? Nothing inappropriate would have occurred during that time when security was at its peak.
  • Would a hungama have ensued if he had chosen to walk behind the janazah mubarakah of his Moula as it left Saify Mahal? If he felt that arrangements were not adequate, he could have suggested how ideal arrangements could have been made for the janazah procession. Such suggestion would have lent support to his false claim. Is that not what he continues to remind everyone about with regards to the janazah mubarakah of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA?
  • Would a hungama have occurred if he had ordered his believers to walk behind the janazah mubarakah of their Moula? In retrospect they would have respected him more for it. His son gives reasons for why Khuzaima himself did not attend, but what of the others that he instructed to come to Thane? Even after having listened to his bayaan, they could have still left in time to reach for the janazah mubarakah, walk behind it, see it from afar, participate in the janazah namaz. Why were they not told to go for the janazah mubarakah of their Moula, one which Husain very emotionally describes as being every Mumin’s ultimate desire?
  • Would a hungama have occurred if he had told his sons (even just one) to walk behind the janazah on his behalf? This was his practice during asharah, why not here?
  • Would a hungama have occurred if he was the last person walking behind the janazah procession at the outermost fringes of the procession, alone or with a few others?
  • Would a hungama have occurred if he had come to at least witness the janazah mubarakah procession? Did his self-claimed immense love for Moula not even tell him to do that? Who would have known if he had come to get a glimpse of his Moula, waiting at some obscure corner or standing atop the roof of a building overlooking the route?
  • Would a hungama have occurred if he had taken part in the Janazah Namaz, by at least standing in the last and final saff (row) in the lanes of Bhendi Bazaar amoungst thousands of mumineen; where he may have even gone un-noticed? After all, the last saff in a Janazah Namaz is the most afdhal (Daim ul Islam).

NOTHING would have happened.

Everyone knows the answer to all these questions. What’s worse is that he knows it as well. If he had managed to do any of the above actions it would have earned him kudos, rather than the opposite. His claim would not have been damaged in the least.

So despite the understanding that attending the janazah mubarakah would have given him much needed legitimacy, why did he not muster the strength to come?  In the manner that mohabbat attracts, enmity repels. He always harboured disdain for Moula, and on the day of Moula’s janazah, this disdain and animosity became all too apparent.


  • adnan m shabbir aamir

    salamun jameel,
    We have always heard al muqaddas syedna Mohammed burhanuddin ra say that Maulatona fatema as did not wanted those tyrants who refused Maulana ALI as his minbar and mehraab to attend her janaza mubarakah namaz and dafan.And so was the circumstances that dushmano were mehrum from the barakaat of mamsulaah of lailatul qadr. thus ” mehrumum man horema khairaha”
    History repeats itself here, we see that those people who disrespected saa’at of lailatul qadr i.e syedna mohammed burhanuddin ra (as maula states in his bayan that doat mutlaqeen lailatul qadr na saa’aat che) his farmaan and dishonored him in every aspect of his life, even in accepting his mansus Aali qadar maula tus who is “born in a pious second (saa’at of lailatul qadr)” were in due course distanced from attending syedna mohammed burhanuddin RA janaza mubarak and his tadfeeno takfeen amal by being maslub at tawfeeq.Even KQ along with his clan is mehrum from syednas ziyarat till date.

    where as every mumin blessed with the immense mohabbat of syednala muqaddas and taa’at for syedna mufaddal tus is not only blessed with ziyarat but also with offering flowers and gilaaf mubarak of his qabar mubarak.
    we see the truth of kalam mubarak of maula na ali as “attaieedu la yas’habul aasi” taaeed does not accompany the disobedient.

    • adnan m shabbir aamir

      adding to the prior comment,
      this site is truely engulfed with the taufeeq and taeed of syedna mufaddal saifuddin tus.
      ehma koshish karnaraao waste dua karwi nathi parti balke dil si dua niklij jaai che.
      barakallaho taala fil ijtehaad

  • Sakeenah Husami

    my heart swells with pride each time I read this site.and a smile stays fixed on my face as the beauty and sheer logic of each reason unfolds..what a legacy and storehouse of ilm..logic..reasoning..intelligence…..Syedna Mohammed Burhanddin ra has left behind!!!

  • Mohammed Mulla Saifuddin Rangoonwala

    The tawfeeq misses khuzaima everytime he talks of his claim. It is so easily understandable by his actions and reactions. So Sad!! Daddy of his believers.!!!

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