• plz respond to new videos of husain qutbuddin..this time he is going too far n directly attacking my mola….kiss to u n kick to him…….

  • he is shaikh aziz bhai who also writes at Mumineen.org

  • No need to respond to each and every claim they make. As some one said elsewhere, they are a cult, Qutbi Cult. Nothing else.

  • Yusuf fakhruddin Malkani

    From wordly point of view I must say that followers of khuzema are fickle minded and pusillanimous.They are infidel people who just want material gain.One basic thing khuzema should understand that, by Purchasing people wont make him Dai. Really feel pity for the followers of khuzema.

  • @Khuzaima Amin,

    i agree with you.
    They are diverting our minds to all other points which are not related to NASS.
    For us important point is that Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(RA) did Nass mubarak in public on Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin(TUS) and also did in private in the presence of witness.
    Now, Apne Apna Moula (TUS) Mubarak ane YE LOGO NE EHNO FIRKO MUBARAK !!!

  • Put all reasons in davat,ni zaban in pdf,format.sukran

  • salaam Aziz bhai, I read your response about reason # 75. I really appreciate your response against the hatred and misinformed messages from KQ clan. Bas ek dua dil se nikle che ke Allah Taala apna Muffaddal Maula (TUS) ni umar shareef ne taroze qayamat daraz ane daraz kare.

  • Khuzaima qutbuddin has spoilt his akherat and also has spoilt his followers akhiraat .
    More than anything , we should pity them ……

  • Shabbir Challawala

    Why are we wasting so much of our energy discussing abt the Dawedaar, ignore him and he will be good as dead……

  • Let’s this KQ and his sons and daughters do their wrong works. They will repay for this here on earth and after their deaths. Let’s forget all this and follow our muffadal maula with all ikhlas and mohabbat. Long live muffadal maula tus

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