Many people are receiving emails from the following two email addresses requesting Mumineen to visit their sites.

  • webmaster@MoulaMufaddal.com
  • webmaster@NotToBelieve.com

These domains then automatically redirect the viewer to this site, (http://BelieveSyednaQutbuddin.com), also known as the “53 Reasons site”.

Although I am truly grateful to these individuals for their aid in increasing the viewers and spreading the message of this site, I wish to clarify that my site is a personal initiative and has no connection with these other sites or any official institution.

Please continue to visit this site (directly, or through their domain).



  • My email has got both these mails from an adna mumin. With a message “Please forward this to all mumineen. It is a humble request from an adna gulam.”
    The above two website names are redirect domains and point to the 53 reasons site. Probably done as many people avoid this site on hearing the name, thinking and making up their mind that it is a KQ site and correctly assuming its not worth the time and effort to visit. The redirect domain names allow them to visit and read without assuming incorrectly.
    Whoever has done this, hes understood why and responsible in part for making more mumineen visit the 53 reasons site. Needed initiative. And an awesome project this site whoever you and your team are, this site has not just been a learning experience but an eye opening one.

  • Salaam

    There is no doubt that this website (in its initial undertaking) was a well thought out and constructive hujjat or argument against the claims of Khuzaima Qutbuddin and his followers. Also there is no doubt that the participant or participants in its creation are blossomed fruits of Syedna Al Hayul Muqadas’ and Mufaddal Moula’s Al- Jamea- TUS-Saifiyah. The initial hujjato or “Reasons” took KQ’s arguments and analyzed them, established the history and Dawat ni tarikh behind them in the correct context and then overturned and discredited them in a complete and precise fashion. In Dawat tarikh this is the methodology of the great Syedna Al Qadhi Noamaan RA.
    However, it has become quite obvious that the last 10-15 hujjats the perspective and style has changed. To the educated reader this can be concluded that for some reason the original author/editor/keeper of the site has changed or for some reason taken a back seat. I do not mean to be rude but I feel the ilmiat of the hujjato is lacking. If the original author is reading this I beg you to return.
    Was salaam
    A fellow brother of Al Jamea TUS saifiyah

  • Husain Sutarwala

    I agree with syednaqutbuddinfollower that sometimes a change in “usloob” is much needed. As the hujjats change, style is adapting to it. I am convinced that Majalis of Syedna Moayyed Al-Shirazi that teaches us all tenets of “munaazerat” and “mubaahelat” is key inspiration for this undertaking. Haqq na saheb’s army of scholars is always at the forefront in all times and the present day demands munaazerat of a different nature.

    In simple words, what an effort!! The jaza for this fidagiri can only come from our mun’em, Maula Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

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