Reason #78: Clarifying The Truth

(Received via email from a Mumin Bhai requesting to post his testimony on this site)

This is in reference to the article posted on which cites Sh Hamza Hebtullahbhoy’s reference (Colombo, Sri Lanka). I am writing this on behalf of Sh Hamza Bhai, as his relation and a director of the mentioned company (M.S. Hebtulabhoy & Co, Ltd).

 The article claims the the following:

  • Sh Hamza Bhai built Qutbi Hall Jamat Khaza in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • At this time, Sh Hamza Bhai did araz that he was struggling financially. Inspite of this, Mr K instructed him to build a Jamat Hall for Niyaaz e Husain AS. By obeying his “farman” Sh Hamza Bhai was blessed with immense wealth, to the extent that on the very next day, someone handed him a huge cheque which summed up to the amount he needed.
  • This was the solely due to the “barakat” and “Mojiza” of Mr K.
As a family member, Director of the company and a witness, I would like to clarify the falsehood in the above statements.
  • I do not deny that Mr K initiated the building of the Qutbi Hall.
  • The Qutbi Hall was not built by Sh Hamza Bhai alone, rather it was funded by the entire company, M.S. Hebtulabhoy & Co, Ltd, and Sh Hamza Bhai played an important role in this khidmat.
  • At the time, M.S. Hebtulabhoy & Co, Ltd was definitely not struggling financially, they were extremely successful, more so, I can vouch, that with the enormous wealth they had at the time, if they wanted to, they could have built 10 ‘Qutbi Halls’ at the blink of an eye.
  • The alleged “mojiza of the cheque” is nothing but fabricated lies. Neither he, nor the company received any such large amounted cheque.
  • For arguments sake, IF this Mojiza was true, as mentioned in the article, the hall was built to feed mumineen in the name of Imam Husain AS. How can Mr K claim that this was his Mojiza? When in fact his belief and ikhlaas (if he had any) deems he should have immediately attributed it to the shaan of Imam Husain’s Dai, or at least Imam Husain AS himself, instead of basking in the glory of his own ego.
  • It is the belief and tradition of any khidmat guzaar, to always attribute (mansoob) any of his successful endeavours in khidmat or life to his Moula, and be grateful to have been given a chance, if not worthy of his khidmat. This is the tasawwur of an adna mumin. It is sad to see that Mr K having been in the lofty position of the Mazoon failed to understand this.  
  • On another note, if Mr K is very eager to be a part of our success story, then he must take part in its tragedy as well, because a few years later, the company suffered a massive loss and went bankrupt. 
It seems that Mr K is getting desperate to win the hearts of the people that he has resulted in making up stories wishing that his falsehood will not be exposed. 
This is just one example that I am personally aware of, thus, it is possible that many of the stories posted on their site are fabricated as well.


  • Amate Sayedna Muffadal Saifuddin TUS

    In fact, a true Dai’s shaan would be instinctively to attribute the success to his predecessor and to Imam uz zamaan AS.

  • Mohammed Mulla Saifuddin Rangoonwala

    It is so difficult to win a Heart of a mumin than a Hall. Khuzaima cannot do it because he has a hole in his heart (the heart of Aqida) about Syedna Mohammed Burhanuudin R. A..” Wa sa’ ya’alamunallazina zalamu aiya munqalebin yanqaleboon ” says Al Quran.

  • In reference to the following link posted on KQ site…

    (“Mazoon Maula ni seerat ma chhe ke koi bhi kaam hoi toh pehla ehna expert no opinion lai ane pachhi raza farmaave. Aamne-aam overpower na kari kaare koi ne bhi.”)

    Just cannot keep pitying this KQ. In his desperate attempts to try and show his false “seerat”, he is actually degrading himself so low, and it shows KQ infact does not have any ilm or knowledge himself.

    He says he takes “opinion of experts” before giving raza. This shows his utter lack of knowledge and his fear. “Kai wrong thase to?” Ehne potana uparaj yaqeen nathi ke ye je raza apse to koi ne faydo thase ke nuqsaan? Etlej to ye experts no opinion le che ke kai ehna si bhool na thai.

    Ane Moula TUS to deen ane duniya na ilm na Saheb che. Sagluj ilm Moula nazdeeq che ane MoulaTUS raza aape to barakat ane shifa no sabab banij jaai. Yaqeenan.

    Aa su waat kare che ehne potanej samaj nai parti. Aql ane ilm no daawo kare che, pan haqiqat ma to la-ilm che…

    • Bhai baraber chey ney. Khuzema ney pehley ehna ghar ma expert Sakina (ehni bayyar) ney poochchwanu hoy chey. 🙂

    • Funny..

      Sani.. Khuda ni laanat ehna par.. Rasool ul allah na mimbar par chari ne khehto ke Mara peth ma shaitan aawey Che..

      This article seems to narrate the same story for Mr KQ in my opinion?

  • I remember a waaz which Sydena Mohammed Burhanuddin aqa(RA) delivered in KUFA during KUN safar. I do not know the exact words but aap(RA) ye farmayu ke “Je haalat ma aa msajid tayyar thai che, aa mara moula Imam-uz-zamaan aaqa noj mojizo che”.

    We all know that the IRAQ war is there, and it is very difficult to reconstruct the masjid, but it is the shaan of Imam-uz-zaman dai that we witnessed, witnessing today and keep witnessing it in the future.

    Abde Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin(TUS)

  • sayedna muffadal moula

    I think they removed the above colombo incident as aftr reading on this Web site they proved wrong so removed from there website

  • Sh Esmail m amiruddin

    Syedna mohammed burhauddin ra ye ek dikri ne ya ali ni tasbeeh ni barakat si chalta kari dida. jiwaare aapne araz thai ke aa aap no mojizo che to ali as na dai ye farmayu ke aa to ali no mojizo che .
    Haq na dai no tawadho aa shaan no hoi.
    Biji taraf KQ potani wah wah karwa ma laagelo che .

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