There is only one Syedna Qutbuddin RA

and he is the 32nd Dai  Mutlaq whose Qabr Shareef is in  Ahmedabad

I am a follower of his heirs, the 52nd Dai Mutlaq Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin al-Hayy al-Muqaddas RA and his Janisheen the 53rd Dai Mutlaq Syedna  Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

This website is an attempt to give a personal view on the matter taking place. It has not been sanctioned officially in any capacity and the information presented here is limited to the knowledge and opinions of the blogger and are hers alone.

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  • Many Mumineen who are not conversant in English find it hard to read the posts mentioned here. If any of the readers have translated the posts into Lisan ud Dawat or Gujrati, please email it to us.



  • sk moiz fazle husain

    Syedna taher saifuddin RA ye aapna shehzada n mansoos syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin janaya to Mohammed naam inayat farmayu ane tarikhi naam Mohammed waladun aghar rakhu je na adad 1333 thai che te baad koi shehzada ne aa misal tarikhi naam enayat kidu nathi yaha lag k Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS nu wiladat 1365 ma lailatul qadr ma thai ane aap moula RA ye tarikhi enayat farmayu Aali qadr Mufaddal j na adad 1365 thai che em dalalat karta hua k jem Syedna Mihammed Burhanuddin Dai che yej misal Aa Farzand Dai che

  • Mamluke Sayedna Mufaddal saifuddin TUS Dawat ni jaban par si Gujarati translation ni khidmat layee uthish.. Please moke aapso..

  • M Husain Fakhruddin Godhrawala

    Haq na daai vaste quraan majid shahadat de che,
    Ane quraan nu shahadat devu ye j haq na daai ni haqqaniyat per daleel che.
    Mufaddal maula (tus) vaste quraan e majid shahadat de che aeni ek misaal
    Qurane majid ma طسم ni aayt mubarakah che
    طس Maulana taher saifuddin ni alaamat sharifaah hati, kem ke طس “TAHER SAIFUDDIN” nu short form che, طسم ma طس na baad م che, ane م per تشديد che te sabab م double var parhase,
    to taher saifuddin baad vo maula qaaim thaai che je na naam mubarak م si suru thaai che, ye kon ke maulana MOHAMMED BURHANUDDIN , have jim طسم ma be م, aek maulana MOHAMMED BURHANUDDIN, to bija ميم kon ke maulana MUFADDAL SAIFUDDIN (TUS)
    ye maula nu naam mubarak bhi م si shuru thaai che.
    To طسم ni aayat mubarakah aa teene daai vaste shahadat de che.

  • Mohammed Khajanchi

    This website is an inspiration to all mumineen aalame iyman maa and im from america

  • Highly commend the new updated user friendly interface of the site.

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