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Amidst the grief, solace in the succession of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin

by Durriya Shk. Zoher Ghadiali 

The forty day period of mourning has now elapsed, but the profound sadness at the loss of the beloved head of the Dawoodi Bohra community, a spiritual mother and father, His Holiness, Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin remains. On January 17th, His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, the 52nd Dai al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra community passed away peacefully at his home in Mumbai.

Shortly after his death, the half-brother of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, Khuzema Qutbuddin, claimed that he had been appointed as successor to his brother. It was a claim both shocking and unexpected. The nass or appointment was conferred on Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin publicly and privately on multiple occasions in text, with witnesses and on video. One occasion is recounted here at

However, in the immediate days following the death, an Indian tabloid sensationalized the illegitimate claim, noting a  “perilous transition” within the community – a blatant falsehood. The countless witnesses both within the family of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin and the broader Bohra community meant that there was no question about the legitimate successor to Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin. However, my aim is not to debate the legitimacy of the claim of nass by Khuzema Qutbuddin. This question has been addressed in excellent detail at In addition, my friend, Aziz Poonawala, also presents a well written and researched argument in this article entitled “No schism, just sadness: A Dawoodi Bohra responds.” (Can you embed the link within the title of the article Aziz?)

Instead, these events which transpired presented an opportunity for me to reexamine and reaffirm my waliyat (allegiance, loyalty) and mohabbat (love) for my faith and for Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin. Like all persons of faith, mine speaks to me in a personal and profound way.  For me, although the many occasions of the appointment (nass) upon Syedna Saifuddin are significant, it has been the magnitude of his foresight and the love he exemplifies in his persona which have underscored his position as the legitimate and beloved successor of his father.

Of the many international projects which Syedna Saifuddin has undertaken, it has been the global initiative of Faiz al-Mawaid al-Burhaniyah, also known as thaali, which has touched me most deeply. As a mother with petite Indian daughters, none of whom fell within the bell curve of a growth chart, I am always deeply aware of any mealtime. For me, any moment can be mealtime – an additional chance for additional calories. As a single mother since the death of my husband, I am ever grateful to have the resources and the ability to amply feed my children, a blessing I do not take lightly. In part, it is due to a memory from Mumbai which continues to haunt me.

My children and I had just finished a lovely meal at a restaurant. As we stepped onto the street, a thin, sari-clad mother standing caught my eye. Her hair was disheveled, her feet bare, her clothes worn and ripped. Three young children clamber around her, clearly starving. They are crying as another woman prepares a small pot, far too small to adequately feed them all. I am watching intently, especially the mother’s face – her pain, anguish, helplessness and fear captured in her eyes. My heart lurches, and yet I am frozen by my incapacity to do anything meaningful.

But, through the initiative of Faiz al-Mawaid al-Burhaniyah Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin ensures that not a single Dawoodi Bohra is hungry, or ever experiences the fear, pain anguish or helplessness of where their next meal may come. Whether out of necessity or not, rich or poor – in Los Angeles, London, Karachi, Mombasa or Mumbai – every man, woman and child has a proper, home-cooked meal, delivered to their home often six days a week. The magnitude of that vision lies in its simple underlying assumption, that it is a basic responsibility to not allow your fellow man’s stomach to ache with hunger and his mind to fret with anxiety about where he may find his next meal. He taught a fundamental tenet, that first and foremost as a faith community, we must ensure our brothers and sisters do not suffer from food insecurity. It is our duty to love one another and care for another. He once noted in a sermon discussing thaali, “When you feed a hungry man, you do not need to ask for his duas (prayers) for you, it comes spontaneously from his heart.”

And so it happened with me. After a frenzied morning with the children, I found myself at the Washington D.C. masjid for a quick errand. The caring members of our jamaat (local community) had prepared a thaali for me, since I neglected to sign up for it myself, unconvinced that I truly needed it. “Surely, thaali was meant for families in more need than I,” I thought to myself.  But, since it had been prepared and marked with my name, I dutifully collected it. An hour elapsed in the mundane tedium of additional errands when I soon heard the familiar mewing noises for food. En route to McDonald’s, I suddenly remembered the thaali in the car. Peeking at it during a stoplight, I found steaming rice layered with dal chawwal palidu. Within moments, I had unwrapped the food and began feeding all of the children, who became satiated and calm. And that very moment, a dua (prayer) erupted from my heart as my eyes filled with tears – a prayer of gratitude.

It’s a moment I think of often, not just in appreciation for having delicious food provided to me and my family, but in the lesson that Syedna teaches to all of us as Bohras. We must care and love one another, taking care of each other’s fundamental needs. Just as he, I infer, takes care and loves us.

Part of my faith is rooted in the countless moments of love I have experienced through my prayers, and emphasized in the following phrase.  “Hal al-din illal Hub?,” Hal al-din illal Hub?,” “Hal al-din illal Hub?,” “What is faith, except love?” Syedna Saifuddin reminds us again and again, with Faiz al-Mawaid al-Burhaniyah being just one powerful example of how he has translated those words into meaningful action and impact. It is also another example of the way in which Syedna Saifuddin continues the legacy of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin.

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s vision and leadership was seen in the developments of roads in Yemen, construction of the state of the art Saifee Hospital in Mumbai and the undertaking renovation and reconstruction of the 16 and a half acre Bhendi Bazaar area, a groundbreaking project which Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin will guide to completion.

He is continuing the legacy of his beloved father, as Syedna Mohammed Buhranuddin continued the legacy of his father, Syedna Taher Saifuddin. In this time of grief, Syedna Saifuddin is our solace, our inspiration, and the anchor of our faith as the 53rd Dai al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra community.


The Right Comparison

This article I write herein refers to the comparison card being played by the FateliDavat proprietors. KK and his Sons have been trying to relate him sometimes to Rasulullah (SAWW) and sometimes to Ali (AS). I fail to understand where is the relation?

In his initial propaganda, within 3 days of Maula Burhanuddin’s (RA) demise, Mumineen started getting emails and SMSes and being Whatsapped, wherein he compared himself to Amirul Mumineen (AS), mentioning that his rights were being usurped.

Now he uses Rasulullah (SAWW) for his propaganda, comparing his group, to the initial converts to Islam.

I would like to appeal to those forward thinkers who took flight with him. Think Practical. Even if you forget the Imaan Angle and use Adl (justice) to think, it is simple to Judge the comparisons.

Some comparisons that I would like to present here with respect to Rasulullah (SAWW)


Who was Rasulullah (SAWW)

The one whom Allah chose as his messenger and a Rehmat towards Mankind, with ample proof of his Nubuwat throughout his Life .

Such was his Dai Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)

The one who was chosen by Rasulullah’s (SAWW), and his Itrat Tayyebiyah his Imam’s and the Duat Mutlaqeen, with ample proof of his Shaan revealed by his faher Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s (RA) in his Zaman. His nazar and zaat mubararaka was Rehmat for Mumineen.

Whereas you KK

You chose yourself by your own will, which was evident from the Zaman of Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA). You always tried establishing a parallel sultanate. You being in the ruba of a spiritual mother towards mumineen were on the contrary a subject of inconvenience rather than Rehmat. And there is ample proof for that


Who was Rasulullah (SAWW)

The one whom Allah taught Salaat and its times, and asked to turn towards the Kaaba in prostration.

Such was his Dai Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)

Who taught his children, us mumineen through Jamea, Madrasah’s, and his Bayaan Mubarak, on how and when to perform Namaaz. He did lead by example as there was not a single Namaaz missed by him throughout his glorious life. He showed us the Haqiqui Kaabatullah. A story which everyone has heared, that when Burhanuddin Maula (RA) entered the Kaaba along with Taher Saifuddin Maula (RA), and inside the Kaaba when Syedna Taher Saifuddin asked his Mansoos, as to where is the Kaaba from where you stand. An his mansoos answered that Maula Taher Saifuddin is indeed the Kaaba, and bowed in prostration.

Whereas you KK

Have deliberately missed waqt of the Namaz several times, there are witnesses to that. You were busy yourself in gathering Sajda for your ownself, when the Sajda should have been only towards the haqiqi Kaaba Maula Burhanuddin (RA)


Who was Rasulullah (SAWW)

The one whom Allah informed that Tijaarat (Business) is Halal but Ribaa (Interest) is Haram

Such was his Dai Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)

Who as per Rasulullah’s (SAWW) shariat, got Mumineen out of the clutches of Interest. Such a lot of hard work over these 50 years, by which even hearts like stones were convinced. Ears which were like walls, whom no sound could penetrate started hearing the farmaan of Allah and his Nabi, through his soothing voice, and were finally freed.

Whereas you KK

Made that hard work look like a lost cause and a non-issue. So simply would you state, that in this advanced world and digital age, it was not possible to work without Riba. You pulled people towards the duniyaa which is faani and indeed the ones who follow (ed) you are destined to perish


Who was Rasulullah (SAWW)

The one whom Allah ordered in his revelation, to ask the women to cover themselves, and observe purdah.

Such was his Dai Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)

He engraved Allah’s Farmaan such beautifully in the hearts of the women of Rasulullah’s Umma. He gave his daughters the Rida. It is the pehchaan of a Mumina today, which makes her stand out in the crowd. The ultimate Dress that reflects her beauty and respect due to her, both at the same time.

Whereas you KK

You changed the Rida itself, even during the hayati of Burhanuddin Maula (RA). And your daughters who lived in countries abroad, were so audacious that they roamed even without purdah. You were indeed the source of the Audacity.


Who was Rasulullah (SAWW)

Who proclaimed Nass on Ali (AS), in Ghadir-E-Khum amongst 70,000 by declaring “Man kunto maula ho fa hazaa Aliyun maula”

Such was his Dai Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)

Who proclaimed Nass-e-jali amongst thousands, in front of our eyes. Wallahil Azeem we are witness to that.

Whereas you KK

In resemblance to Saani (LA), who congratulated Maula Ali (AS) on the day of Ghadir, by mentioning that “Congratulations, O son of Abu Talib, this morning you became mawla of every believing man and woman” and later denied, you oh KK did the same. The other muslemeen state that Ghadir-E-Khum never happened. You infact have gone a a step ahead. Where you mention that the whole event of nass on Mufaddal Maula (TUS) was fabricated, and Nauzobillah Maula Burhanuddin (RA) was not in his senses. We remember when Rasulullah took ill Saani (LA) came out to the people and said that Mohammed (SAWW) is hallucinating. Yes… here is something to relate.


And now some comparisons with respect to Maula Ali ibne Abi Talib (AS) Ameerul Mumineen


Who was Ali (AS)

Who was nurtured by the Nabi(SAWW) himself since he was an infant. Who was fed the morsel chewed by Mohammed(SAWW) and slept along with him, so close that he could smell his divine fragnance. He was his companion in Gaare Hira. Rasulullah said of him that “You see what i see and you hear what i hear, except that you are not a prophet”

Maula Ali says

“The Holy Prophet brought me up in his own morsel. I followed him wherever he went, like a baby-camel following its mother. Each day a new aspect of his character would beam out of his noble person and I would accept it and follow it as a command”

And similar is his Dai Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS)

He was fed from the Zahiri and Batini morsels of Burhanuddin Maula (RA), who personally nurtured him and revealed his Shaan on many occassions. Mufaddal Maula (TUS) did follow him like a baby camel follows his Mother, we saw that with our own eyes.

Whereas you KK

You were remembered for your Absence. You were the baby camel who strayed from its Mother deliberately, only fed on filth and drank brackish water. You abstained and prevented  yourself the chance to drink from your Mother.


Who was Ali (AS)

For whom Rasulullah proclaimed “Ana Madinatul Ilm, wa Aliyun Baaboha” – I am the city of knowledge and Ali (AS) is its door. His Ilm is the haqiqui ilm, whenever he dispersed his Ilm, there was always a mention of Rasulullah. There was rarely a Khutba of Maula Ali (AS) which did not have the mention of Mohammed (SAWW)

And similar is his Dai Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS)

We did not hear him utter a bayan, but it was filled with the Zikr of his Bawa Shafiq, and it indeed always had the yaari of Aqa Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA). We are witness to that.

Whereas you KK

Bragged about only yourself and your so called invisible Shaan. You and your clan marketed you as the one with the utmost knowledge even claiming more than the Dai Allah. It is just similar to how others changed Rasulullah’s saying. “I am the city of knowledge, and Ali is its door”…. The others added to the saying that “Awwal is its foundation, Saani its walls, and Saalis its roof”

But you need to remember that, Nobody can enter the city except from its door. A person who tries otherwise is a thief.


Who was Ali (AS)

He was the one for whom the skies wrote “La fatah illa Ali la saif e illa Zulfiqar”. The Lion of Allah who was ever by the side of the Prophet (PBUH) and never left his company be it in travel or battle, and even after the wafaat of Rasulullah was still by his side.

And similar is his Dai Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS)

Who was ever besides Maula (RA) in all times in his health and otherwise, and is still besides Maula(RA)

Whereas you KK

You are still absent…


Who was Ali (AS)

The one who on wafaat of Rasulullah was engulfed in that extreme loss, and considered his first duty to be the madfan of his Nabi (SAWW), and nothing else above it. For it was indeed a Calamity for the believers. What else could be more than Rasulullah (SAWW)?

And similar is his Dai Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS)

Whose aala maqaam we witnessed when he accompanied the Janaza of our Maula (RA). Ohhh what a heart wrenching scene that was, where every eye had lost its most beloved most beseeched vision. It was Maula Mufaddal’s zaat mubaraka by which mumineen attained sabr. And he made us comprehend ke “Haqq to ye hai ke haqq adaa na hua”.

Whereas you KK

Where were you Khuzema? Where were you? Where were you?

No reasoning justifies that. You were not there during his entire hayat tayyebah, you could have at least been part of his last ride to the hereafter. He was the same Maula whose name you are using right now to market yourself.

But Alas! You were busy in your own Saqifah, scheming plots and trying to gather an audience. An audience who had just been orphaned.. You were aiming for the Kingdom of the world, whereas the King of both worlds was busy shrouding his predecessor.


Who was Ali (AS)

Ali was Mohammed’s wasi. And the rightful heir of the Rehmat of the Rehamatul Lil Aalameen.

He showed that by pardoning so many during his life with Rasulullah and even after that in the battles of Siffin, Jamal and Neherwan.

The epitome of his rehmat was shown when Laeen Ibne Muljim was brought forward handcuffed and the ropes were tied so tight that they were cutting through his flesh, Maula Ali (AS) ordered them to be loosened

And similar is his Dai Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS)

Who is the true waris of his Rehmat and showed the same towards you Khuzeima.

Whereas you KK

Thought of it as weakness, and Have rejected the Rehmat. You are like Nooh’s (AS) son, who believed that Qayamat would never come. But you will get your answer on the day when you will be answerable to your lord.


Abde Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (and proud)

Murtuza Malak


A reader recently remarked:

I couldn’t help but notice, that the philosophy section on the ‘fatemidawat’ website consists of a few ‘visions’ of how shari’ah should be practiced. This is actually proof of how far they really are from shari’ah. They have filled their website with endless bayaans from kutub ud dawat and interpreted them incorrectly (such as rasaa’il sharif etc) to prove a false nass. However,  it seems ironic that the one bayaan about how mumineen should practice shariat na  aamal, walaaya, taharat, etc. on their vision page which actually rings true has the least focus on their site. In fact, the mentioned paragraph is is barely two sentences long, while the sugar-coated paragraphs after that about education and financial issues- that are pointing towards going against the shariat- have been so elongated! This just goes to show us how much Khuzaima Qutbuddin and his followers are ignorant of not only imaan, but the shariat of Islam!
I truly feel bad for the people who have chosen to follow the teachings of the one who didnt, rather couldn’t learn anything in his 50 years of staying with the source of all ‘uloom, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.A.


A Historian’s Perspective

I might not have a PHD or be a recognized scholar like the Majun’s children, but in my humble opinion one does not need sheets of paper to justify his understanding of historical and political theories.
The fatemidawat website likes to peer into the past, use history to illuminate the potency of present events, and justify proclaimed statements (claims). It also likes to boast its self-proclaimed competent understanding of Fatemid Theology. Together with its alleged elevated understanding of Fatemid History and Theology it attempts to illustrate for us how the Majun’s claim fits perfectly into the grand history of the Fatemid Da’awa; and that it is, indeed, coherent with past events in Dawat History as well as stringent Fatemid doctrines and precedents, as outlined by Fatemid texts . It attempts to use a holistic academic approach that will appeal to the masses, yet fails to recognize the dynamism of history, which serves an integral part to any historical analysis. This blatant flaw nips the argument at its bud and questions the core analytical principles upon which this debate is formed.
History is not static, it is dynamic. The website stresses that as Khuzema is the incumbent of the lofty position of the Majun, he is therefore in many respects insusceptible to making a false claim. The site goes on to emphasize that never in the history of Dawat has an incumbent of the position of Majun made a false claim to being a Dai. The principle idea behind arguments being made is that since it has not happened in the past, it cannot happen in the present and will not happen in the future. This raises the question that, is history just a mere simple repetition of events, repeated in every era, so the inhabitants of the time can bear witness to these events themselves? I think not, history is constantly being written as people are making decisions that make the present distinct from the past. No one is putting into question the exalted rank held by the Majuns of the past, the many sources provided pay testimony to the Majun’s high rank and authority. History allows us to hope that a Majun will never take such a step, but it does not rule out that this could be a possibility.
History left us with a blank page that the Majun is kindly filling in. History is constantly being written, and the scrolls of time are constantly being drawn out, the past is undeniably linked with the present. The Majun is as it appears is trying to become a historical celebrity, perhaps an icon in the history books. What he thinks is still up for debate is whether he will be revered or cursed upon. The Majun will have only himself to thank for permanently engraving in the slab of history that a Majun can ultimately commit capital crimes, such as making a deceptive and fallacious claim to the rank of Dai’. History does not shield him or does not make him incapable of the wrong form of action. History and dawat texts tell us that infallibility is secluded to being an attribute of the Dai alone.
If history is constantly being rewritten, how is then that we can use our logical reasoning to distinctly recognize what is ‘haq’ in the present? Fatemid precedents and principles all converge to a single unifying theory that serve as binoculars for any student of Fatemid History. The most truthfull account of the past is only available near the Haq na Saheb. We know this Saheb is the personified quality of Haq because of his incumbency in the uncontested position of Dai. He is protected by the gift of infallibility, a bounty that comes inherently with the seat of Dai. Therefore the Dai is the emblem of truthfulness, he is the light that illuminates the path, and shows us the paved rode of righteousness that will lead us to living a prosperous future, while remaining always closely adherent to haq.


The true successor of Syedi Abdul Qadir HakimuddinQA’s sirat.

We heard Shk Mohammed bhai Yamani say that the majun would often recite the qasida mubaraka A hakima dinellah in the shaan of Syedi Abdul Qadir HakimuddinQA eulogized by Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA to substantiate his ‘shaan’. I am a normal mumin but after reciting the qasida mubaraka, there is obviously no comparison. But just to show the shana’at of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, I will express why.

In the second verse Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA states ya hafeza al quran’. Have you ever heard majun speak about the Quran e Karim or does anyone know whether he is hafiz al quran? Yet Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS is hafiz ul quran in zahir and batin. Further, he has erected Mahad uz Zahra around the world with the raza Mubarak of Moula RA for the memorization of Quran e majeed and always emboldens and inspires every mumin to memorize the whole Quran e majeed, encouraging at least one hafiz in every home.

In the third verse; ya man ata fi kulle fannin’ (the one who is learned in every field of knowledge and art). The only thing the majun boasts about is the degrees awarded to his children but none of them have studied at Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah; in fact he discourages mumineen from attending Jamea at all! On the contrary Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS is not only Ameerul Jamea (chancellor of Jamea) but also is well known for his vast diversity of knowledge and has guided thousands through their problems (e.g. economic and familial problems.) His maw’aiz touches the vast diversity of knowledge bringing professionals, businessmen and the likes ever closer to Aqa Moula Syedna al-dai  al-hay al-Muqaddas  Mohammed Burhanuddin RA.

In the fourth verse Taher Saifuddin Moula writes: ‘le masajedi-rahamane’ (the one who constructed masajids of Rahman TA and mashahids ). Such an important event in the golden era of Aqa Moula RA, yet where was this majun when Aqa Moula Syedna al-Dai  al-Hayy al-Muqaddas  Mohammed BurhanuddinRA was restoring Aljame-al-anwar? Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS has been involved personally throughout the construction of Aljamea-al-Anwar as was mentioned in earlier posts.

In the sixth verse Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA states; ya khaira maljae’ (the benevolent shelter for a mumin). When has the majun been a shelter for mumineen? Rather, Shk Husain bhai Hebatullah had to flee from him to Aqa Moula Syedna al-dai  al-hay al-Muqaddas RA and to testify for his innocence and Moula RA passed the verdict with his righteousness yet Khuzeima is still posting against him on his website. Thousands have witnessed how below par he was with mumineen and how he maltreated us. Ziyarat was impossible when he was around as many witnesses will testify to. On the other hand thousands take shelter in the saya of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. Today tons of mumineen and mumenaat are performing ziyarat with Moula TUS and are blessed by him. Be it personal or professional, every problem is solved in his hazrat. Every burden is lightened. Can this muddai ever promise the same?

 ‘Ya man ata le fazail’ (The one who has written eloquently and volubly in the madeh of Duat kiram) is stated in the seventh verse. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddun TUS wrote ‘almma be denillah’ in the bemoaning of the wafat of  Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA with the same approach and pattern as Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA wrote in his grief filled qasida muabaraka after the wafat of Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA , but in those very same moments this Khuzaima was making videos of false claims to the throne of dawat and its wealth while our Aqa Moula TUS leads His people in daily majaalis  of bereavement.

In the eighth verse Moula RA puts forth; ‘ya khaira mazkurin….’ (the benevolent recaller of his dai). We all heard Shk Mohammed bhai Yamani reveal that themajun never did zikr of Moula al-hay al-Muqaddas RA in his waaz. If he did manage a few words, it was obvious to listeners it was superficial. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS on the other hand does not start or finish any and all of his bayan without the zikr of Aqa Moula RA’s shaan. Even when granting money to qardan hasana, Chennai, he granted a total of 10 crores and 52 thousand rupees, reasoning that ‘52 ma dai ye shaan na che’.

In the tenth verse Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA articulates; ’ma kunta illa’ (you were a great support and were always side by side with Duat kiramRA). It was witnessed by mumineen all around the world that Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS rarely left the side of our beloved Aqa Moula RA, especially after nasse- jali. We would unconditionally see him standing behind him or carrying his palanquin in every miqa’at. Every wish Aqa Moula RA had was his first priority such as the faizul mawaid al-Burhaniyah scheme or cleansing mumineen from moharrama’at. Yet being the Mazoon for fifty years, Khuzaima was never there for him. All the major events in the glorious fifty years, hold hardly any records of his presence. The most auspicious event, the mauqib (procession) of 100th mila’ad Mubarak, Aqa MoulaRA’s chariot passed and we saw the majun far behind, trying unsuccessfully to gather some crowd for himself.

In the twelfth verse Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA expresses the sirat of Syedi HakimuddinQA; ‘wa kararo qalbin (he was tranquility to his followers and agitation to his disbelievers). Every mumin cherished Aqa Moula RA’s smile and his mansoos is a token remembrance for this. Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS’s smile brings peace in our minds and hearts. Saifuddin Moula TUS is Imam-uz-zaman AS’s sword, his disbelievers quake with just a mention of his name, just like this khuzaima who has locked himself away in “Thana” under security and continues his fitnat with the help of media.

In the thirteenth verse;’ a hakime deenin…fi khidmate dai khulusan’(O hakimuddin moula the son of Syedi KhanjiQA, the one who was always in the khidmatof the dai with purity). His site boasts about majun being the the Mazoon for a consecutive fifty years for the first time in the history of dawat, but many have witnessed that when Aqa Moula RA arrived in Mumbai for Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA’s urus Mubarak in 1432H, he slunk from Mumbai soon after the nass had been announced knowing that changes in tarteeb would occur. Our Moula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS has always been with Aqa Moula RA in Ashara Mubaraka and stood behind him throughout his life. Yet, this majun would be hunting in the jungle while Aqa Moula RA was ordainingMultaqal ilmi al-Fatemi in Surat to liberate mumineen from moharrama’at.

This is not even half the qasida mubaraak but is enough for an intellectual and a mumin mukhlis who can differentiate between haq(right) and batil(wrong). There can never be a comparison between Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS the 53rd Dai al-mutlaq and this muddai khuzema qutbuddin.

اين الثرى واين الثري

–a talabat from Jamea.


As i stood in the line that day at Saifee Mahal to pay my last respects to my departed bawa… Have the azeem ne’mat for the last deedar of my Maula… I had a conversation with my cousin Esmail standing with me…

Khuzeima’s fitnat was not known yet to us… We happened to pass by the building in Saifee Mahal which was his residence earlier…
My cousin gestured ke “Aa Mazun Maula ni residence che” I affirmed that yes I know that, as I had been in Burhani Guards all these years…
Still not initiated about about the treachery and his devious plans as the entire day was being spent in the grief of our Maula and in efforts to have a last glimpse for him… He told me about an instance…
“Thoda waqat pehla humara logo ne bulaaya hata…. Poora family ne…” I asked why… He answered “Mazun Maula ne Daddy si ane poori Family si malvu hatu” I further probed the reason….
He went on to explain me…
There was a person who was in the Khidmat of this Khozema… He was not a very religious person as he did not perform Namaz and no Topi Dadhi as well. This Khozema used to tell him to pray Namaz… But he never heeded him.
That person went to Dubai where he met my cousins father who is a Mumin Mukhlis….. He helped him see the right way… and always persuaded him to be more inclined towards Maula’s (RA) khushi taking him along in every majlis and our gatherings. It brought about such a change in him… That he changed to a be a better Mumin and perform deeds as per Aqa Maula’s farman only.
Hence this Khuzema had called his entire family, to meet in person the one who was able to change that man…
It was just a story for me to have listened that day… But now when i recall that again after his Fitnat… It makes things such crystal clear….
If he claims himself of being the Maa of Mumin… Why wasn’t this so called mother able to bring change in a Son so close to him…. Claims of being the Dai make that even a weaker case…. The one who is to be a future Dai cannot even change a Single person and convince him to pray Namaz….
It is quite obvious, as his persuasion (assuming that he did) never had the Yaari of the Haq na Dai…. He always tried to establish a Sultanat of his own. His sajda was towards Shaitaan… How could he persuade someone to pray Namaz…
On the contrary a Mumin who had sacchi Mohabbat of Maula(RA)… Maula ye ehne yaari pohchaavi… Ne ehne zariyo banayo… Ke beeja bhai ni Zindagi ane Aakherat ne behtar banaave…
That is sacchi Mohabbat & Ikhlaas which Khuzeima never had..
There have so many such instances which many others have them in their hearts…
There are many things which most of us have observed by ourselves. We need to let the people know. All of them will open up one by one….
Allah has tested the people before us
“Or do ye think that ye shall enter the Garden (of bliss) without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They encountered suffering and adversity, and were so shaken in spirit that even the Apostle and those of faith who were with him cried: “When (will come) the help of Allah?” Ah Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near!” (2 : 214)
Khuda Taala humaara Maula Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) na mansoos Syedna Ali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin ni Umre Sharif ne taa roze Kiyamat Daraz and Daraz karjo. AAMEEN
Abde Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin..
Murtuza Malak


  • I used to play cricket in Azad Maidan regularly for one of our bohra teams. Taher Qutbuddin used to play in our team too. One person from our team was already drifting away from dawat then, but had his aqida in Aqa Moula ( Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin) at that time. Atleast he used to come in Ramadhan & Moharrum. This person was complaining that he wanted to attend a christmas party however some people in community were objecting. Taher Qutbuddin told this person, that go and tell the community members and even the Amil saheb that Isa nabi ni salgirah chey christmas and it is allrite to party.

    This incident is of almost 15 years ago. If the son of someone who has a lofty rank in dawat says so, then we thought it could be right. This person to whom taher qutbuddin gave this advice is an Atheist today. He does not believe in Rasulullah or any prophets. Perhaps Taher Qutubddin did not cause this, but he surely aided in sending this person to where he is now.

  • It was 1428H i was in studying in al jamea tus saifyah in darajah sabea. That year i did niyat of doing ramazaan with al-dai al-ajal syedna mohammed burhanuddin RA. When i reached mumbai that was 29 shabaan i got the news about Aqa Moula’s tabiyat, due to which all the programs were cancelled and further programs were to be annouced after 19mi. I was heart broken, but at that moment involuntary dua came from the core of the heart “khuda ta’ala aqa moula ne hamesha baaqi rakhe ane aapne jaldi shifa e kulli ata kare”

    So i decided to go for mauze. While i was waiting for my mauze, i was doing ramazaan in mumbai only. Hoping for Aqa Moula’s deedar. While i was in mumbai i use to go to fatemi masjid (raudat tahera) for magrib isha namaaz. But this odd day i decided to go to saifee masjid. While i was sitting in the masjid, There was just a minute left for magrib namaaz, i heard mumineen praying : aee saifuddin na jaani ghanu jeewo ghanu jeewo”. The moment i heard this i was ecstatic. Thinking all my prayers have been answered. Tonight i will get deedar sharaf of Aqa Moula. But….. it was for just few minutes that i saw khuzaima walking towards the qibla. I was heart broken. But then i wondered why were people praying this madeh for him, which is exclusively prayed for Aqa Moula. This remained a question for me till this day.

    After what has happened in these days. It seems like the jigsaw has been completed and has taken a complete picture.

    adna mumin

  • I only have one bayt for Araz on my tassawwur for Aali Qadar Aqa (tus) waaz Mubarak.

    ” hain inke dil main Bohot meher aur Bohot ishfaaq,
    Hain yeh toh wa’qaye ae mumino pidar apna”

    (Ref: Syedi Abdeali Imaduddin Maula’s Madeh “Qadam pe aake jo tere…”

  • Laicism (Separation of Church and State)
    Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah is a true spectacle and demonstration of the immeasurable and unaccountable enormity and depth of Ilm-e-Alai-Mohammad. A student of Jamea recognizes that the heavenly sanctuary from where he is conducting his studies is none other than the benevolent ‘Zaat’ of his beloved Aqa Moula. The student discerns the Azamat of the writer of the Kitab, as well as of the physical Kitab being studied. This level of commitment to the text, to the writer of the text, and to the noble and divine entity whom towards the meaning of all these texts ultimately reaches, allows the student to understand the importance of each chapter, page, sentence, word, syllable, nay letter of each kitaab. The student embarks on a journey to excavate using chief analytical skills, the most modern study methods, and time-proven traditional methods taught to us by Duaat, from each word precious jewels of wisdom. The student recognizes that under each word lays vast oceans of meanings waiting to be uncovered. The student knows that Jamea stresses the usage of a holistic approach to the study of kutub-ud-daawat, that allows the student to after grasping the nuanced concepts explicitly stated, transcend from what is obviously stated to understanding the social and physical sciences that encompass and embody the concepts being studied. The student learns the key tool of synthesizing various disciplines of knowledge and perspectives to draw out a unified and more complete picture of the universe at large.
    The Majun’s children are trying to display the importance of a secular education, while blatantly and directly undermining the principle methods of teaching utilized in Jamea. Perhaps it’s their intellectual incapacity that they find themselves understanding complicated theories only when spoon-fed by western scholars, or maybe they are fueled by insecurity that they find themselves only accredited when sheltered under big-named schools, or maybe rather it is their naivety that leads them to believe that one needs to pay thousands of dollars to wear a cloak that advertises them as academic authorities. The Majun’s children are suggesting creating a division of spheres’, a concept widely known in le monde politique ( the political world) as laicite or the separation of church and state. They are stressing the importance of receiving a ‘secular’ education that for some reason in their opinion excludes religious beliefs in its entirety. For some reason they fail to see that this bipolarized model of identity will only create internal confusion and contrary instincts in the student’s mind. When analyzing the world without religion you are excepting an atheistic view of the universe. The student at some point or another will have to make a decision, whether he is to live his life through the analytical framework that the University has equipped him with, or will he follow his religious beliefs that were imparted to him since when he was a child. Therefore, this division is counterintuitive at the least and estranges the student from the religion he has cherished ever since he was a child. The methods used in Jamea teach the student how to merge these two spheres, and fuse all realms of knowledge to become a confident individual, and achieve a complete personality.
    The concept utilized in Jamea of keeping an Islamic Perspective while conducting whatever field of study you are pursuing allows a student to merge his spheres of identity as both a devout religious follower and a member of the global community. Jamea not only encourages but requires the study of social sciences and political theory. The questions of the annual Imtehan and the trimester ikhtebaars are structured in a way that requires the student to synthesize the Ilm he is studying in Dawat na Kutub with social and political theories to address modern day issues. It is with deep remorse, and ignorance that the Majun’s children fail to realize what Jamea really is. More importantly they fail to realize that the methodology taught at Jamea would help an individual succeed in any institution that boasts academic excellence.

  • M Husain Fakhruddin Godhrawala

    khuzaima qutbuddin aem daavo kare che ke me jem yemen ma 8th ma dai syedna Husain (r.a) tha aem hindustaan ma me chu,
    to syedna Husain ni zikar ma aem bayan aayu ke
    “كان محافظا على فروضها وسننها السنية * في اوقاتها التي افترضت * وعلى ما عليه وضعت* ”
    )kana mohafezan ala furuzeha (al shariaa)va sonaneha s saniyah, fi avqateha l lati ftorezat, va ala ma alayhe vodeat(
    Means syedna Husain (r.a) shariaat na faraaiz ne ane sonan ne aehna vaqt ma adaa karta,
    Ane daavedar ye kitni vaar magrib ni namaz aena vaqat ma parhaavi? Ae no javab sagla ne khabar j che.
    Potani zaat ne doat kiram sathe sarkhave che maولا تك مدعيا رتبة
    ولا تك مدعيا رتبة
    فإنك عن ذاك صِفر خلي

  • One thing that i cannot fathom is, the way al Hayy al Muqaddas Burhanuddina Aqa RA kept remembering and mentioning his father Syedna Taher Saifuddin Maula’s (RA) name in every bayan, every minute, every second of his time; If (god forbid) this da’wat would not have been nass’ed upon Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa TUS, who would keep remembering and mentioning Burhanuddin Aqa’s name and his legacy? Surely not the daavedaar. He cannot even find time to stop blowing his own trumpet for a second, as done for the past many years ( in his bayans and majalis, etc).
    Who will teach our children, our “aaenda nu lashkar”, the thousands of volumes full of zikr of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa, his stories, his millions of memorable instances with every mumin alive during his era, his ma’ajiz?
    Dont we all know it for sure, (and dont the people who ve joined the other party) know deep in their conscience that Burhanuddin Aqa’s name will only be heard from his true mansoos Syedna w Maulaya Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saheb TUS’s lab mubarak, whereas the claimant and his sons have been preaching continuously about nothing related to al Hayy al Muqaddas? and will never will?
    Would you want to forget every belief and the whole system that you were born and raised into and join a whole new so called da’wat? everything you worked for, all those moments that you spent trying to fight for life just to get a glimpse of Burhanuddin Aqa, all those salaams, mithaaqs, nazaraat haneen of Maula, everything to just vanish into thin air and start over again for the few remaining years of your lives? (na’uozobillah)

    [I ‘d rather sail in the ship i have always sailed in and been comfortable with, than joining a whole new crew of strangers who promise a pot of gold (that does not even exist in the first place!) ]

    -Abde syedna Mufaddal TUS

  • aa dawedaar ehna statement ma mubahalat ni vaat kare che ane shazada sahebo ne letters likhvani vaat kare che,question is —- yeh janaza mubarak par aayo te waqt su kaam ehnu haq claim na kidu,sagla sahebo hazir hasej vahan,te waqt su kaam behes na kidi ane fauran sagla umur haath ma na lida,kem faqt tawaf dai ne bhaagi gayo??

  • Actually they should have name their website as ‘FatemiDawatNiAdaavat’ instead of Fatemi Dawat. Because those bunch of lost people are doing nothing other than the Adaavat of Haqq ni Dawat, Fatemi Dawat, Adavaat of Haqq na Dai, Fatemi Dai, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin.

  • Father like son!!!!
    In all the videos khuzaima and his pack of wolves have posted on youtube. The common thing anyone can notice is that there is not a single drop of tear pouring out of their blind eyes. Rather a good act is performed that shows that they have practiced for this theatrical crying act very well. This goes for Khuzaima, taher, and husain. May Allah Ta’ala prevent us all MUMINEEN from having eyes that does not shed tears!
    عين لا تدمع

    I cant remember the name of that person who did zikr in the hazrat of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS trying to explain the intensity of emotions that flow while doing deedar of Aqa Moula TUS, during which one is just not able to control the shedding tears. Which he himself later experienced.

    ثم قست قلوبكم من بعد ذلك فهي كالحجارة أو أشد قسوة وإن من الحجارة لما يتفجر منه الأنهار وإن منها لما يشقق فيخرج منه الماء وإن منها لما يهبط من خشية الله وما الله بغافل عما تعملون

  • shedding tears while doing wafaat zikr of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA

  • A Khidmat Guzar of Mufaddal Moula TUS

    I heard in a sabaq that when Burhanuddin Moula RA was Mazoon/Mansoos, he would tell the Mumineen who would gather around him for Shifa, “Jao Moula pause jao” and send them for Shifa to Taher Saifuddin Moula RA first. Such was his Tawazo for the Maqam of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA and his concern that Mumineen avail Barakaat from Dai Zaman Moula first.

    When I was studying in Jamea I would sit in this special place in the Fatemi Masjid, because it would be at a corner and Burhanuddin Moula RA would stand there for a moment longer while leaving the masjid after Namaaz. That place wasn’t a secret and everyone wanted to sit there. One day after Maghrib Isha namaaz it was especially crowded for deedar and after Moula passed the push of the crowd caused us to stand up where I accidentally got into the path of Khuzaima who would be walking behind Burhanuddin Moula RA. He gave me the worst frightening evil look that one can imagine, almost evaporating the happiness I had of doing deedar of Moulana RA, and causing me to wonder whether I had maybe committed a mortal sin! Luckily the euphoria of deedar returned and we went about sharing our deedar stories with other toloba on our way to Mawaid, which was our nightly ritual during the Imtehan.

    We long for those days to return back to Al Jamea, and hope that the Zaat who himself is Al Jamea, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS returns back to Surat, to the Devri, to the Iwan, to the Ghurfa and conducts the Imtehaan and show us how even though Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin RA has passed on into the Khidmat of Imam uz Zamaan, Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin RA is right here amongst us, in his Mansoos and Waris, Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

    To Khuzaima I have only this to say, for now:

    قال رسول الله صلع
    من الى مؤمن نظرة يخيفه بها اخافه الله يوم لا ظل الا ظله و حشره في صورة الذرة بلحمه و جسده و جميع اعضائه حتى يورده مورده

    It’s in Rauzat Hidayat vol.1 Hadith 95, not that you would ever believe in it. It was published by Burhanuddin Moula RA after all. I’ll update my comment when I find an academic who narrates it.

  • M Husain Fakhruddin Godhrawala

    kuzaima qutbuddin ni dikri aehni likheli madeh ma aem kahe che ke khuzaimah ye ikhvanu s safa na rasaail ma 53 mo risalat “الرسالة الجامعة” che,
    maulana mohammed burhanuddin aaqa r.a ye 1424 h ma syedna taher saifuddin r.a na عرس مبارك na din mumbai ma aem farmayu ke
    ” har daai ikhvanu s safa ni risalat che, bavaji saheb risalat jamea bani ne aaya”
    maula to aam farmave che, ane aa to aam kahe che????????

    • M Husain Fakhruddin Godhrawala

      Khuzaimah qutbuddin ni dikri aehni madeh ma aem kahe che ke
      Khuzaimah ye ikhvanu s safa no 53 mo risalo “الرسالة الجامعة “ che.
      Syedna mohammed burhanuddin r.a ye – 1424h ma Mumbai ma
      يوم عرس الداعي الاجل سيدنا طاهر سيف الدين رض
      aem farmaayu ke
      ” har daai ikhvanu s safa ni risalat che, bavaji sahib رسالة جامعة bani ne aaya
      Maula to aam farmave che, ane aa su kahe che???????
      aa misal maula na bayan na khilaf man si mutabaqat karvu gunah che.

  • I was just thinking to myself..

    At an age where people consider retiring, our DAI is taking up a role of unimaginable capacity..

    In a time when others consider having time for themselves and their families, our DAI is sacrificing the rest of his life for his community..

    At an age where one would expect to be helped, our Moula will not only be a source of strength and inspiration to us but to the whole world at large!!

    This one day is proof enough for me that it is out of human capacity to carry out one’s duties with perfection. Even a Malak would succumb to the pressures of this day.. And the only one fit enough to become our Dai can carry out the tasks of this day..

    Which day? The day that our beloved Burhanuddin Moula was laid to rest.. Just imagine what happened on that day..

    One thing is for sure.. Mufaddal moula would not have slept on the night of this qayamat.. But the very next morning he had do to the kafan dafan of his senior.. We saw what happened.. From Saifee Mehel to Rozat ut Tahera..

    Now look at the scenario.. Mufaddal Moula is now Moula of us mumineen. Which is in itself an almighty task.. But on top of that he has to be personally involved and lead all the activities such as kafan, dafan, namaz, sadakalla.

    In a time when he himself is in inconsolable grief, he has to console not only his family but sea of munineen mourners world wide.

    In the midst of all this, there is also some nuisance which is not even worth mentioning.. But Moula has to handle that too..

    We have heard the zikr that malakul mow’th had asked raza from Rasoolullah SA. Jibra’eel was there to assist Hussain AS in Karbala.. But all accepted the Marzi e Khuda.. Similarly I feel this applies to our Muqaddas Moula as well.. If he wished he could have been amongst us forever but this is what they always choose.. Marzi E Khuda!!

    Khuda Ta’Ala Aali Qadar Saifuddin Moula ne Sehat aafiyat ma Qayamat na din lag baki rakhjo.. Ameen!!

  • just look at the head scarf print tahera is wearing. how can she touch or talk about quran or preach islamic with animal picture design (Billi)

    • This picture is not Tahera Qutbudin. However, there is another picture of her giving this speech in a scarf.

      • M qaidjohar vajihi

        This was on top of the fact that Syedna Jalal RA had already been informed of the first nass and the fact that Syedna Yusuf RA had dispatched a letter from Yemen informing him of his wafaat and his nass upon him. As Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA clearly states, the Imam honored Syedna Jalal with his presence in his manaam not because it was a time of uncertainty, but because Syedna Jalal RA was of such great stature and purity…..

        aa lisanuddawat ma samjawso
        M qaidjohar

      • Syedna Jalal ne je sapnu thayu
        1) Aapna upar nass thai chuki, ehna baad thayu che. (Aapne and bija saheba ne nass ni khabar hathi)
        2) Syedna Taher Saifuddin ye wazeh kidu che, ke aapney sapnu thayu kem ke aapnu ikhlas ithnu hathu, em nak ke zaman na halaat na sabab, ya nass na bara ma confusion hathu. (Kem ke nasd na bara ma pehle si sagla ne khabar hathi)

  • m abdeali patan wala

    1))sayda mohammed burhanudin r.a na qsida mubaraka

    ma aap mola r.a. ye mufadal mola tus na nass ni jahran zikar farmawi che

    2)) mola na mohmmed burhanudin r.a. na risala sharifa


    ma bhi aap mola r.a. ye mufadal mola tus na nass ni zikar ane . nasse khafi ni zikar farmawi che

    aa be ajjallul dalail – astbtul hujaj che

    dawedaar saydna mohmmed burhanudin r.a. na qasid ane rasa’il ne bhi jhutlawi raya che

  • A verse from Quran – “Innallaha ma’as Sabereen” translates to “Verily, Allah is with the patient”. Aali Qadar Maula TUS is truly keeping his patience by still referring KQ to ‘Kakaji Saheb’ albeit KQ and his sons are doing fitnat of Dawat by opposing Aali Qadar Malua TUS as true Dai-az-Zaman. Verily, Allah is with him.

  • M Qaidjohar sh yusufali vajihi Rajkot


    Syedna Jalal R.A na Nass na kagaz sapna pehla malo ane Mansoos zaher thaya ane te baad pachhi Fari bijo Nass & wafat no kagaz sapna pachhi malo em (2 times) Be waqat kagaz Hind taraf alag alag waqat par aaya ne mila…?

    plz reply zaroor aapso…

    khas shukran aapno
    aap takleef lai ne jawab aapo chho
    M Qaidjohar sh Yusufali Vajihi
    Johar cards

  • amate syedna mufaddal tus

    مؤمنين ني جماعة! ممبئي ما مأذون الدعوة الغراء محمد برهان الدين منصور اليمن يه وعظ كيدي،
    جامنككر ما بهائي قاسم بهائي حكيم الدين، كراححي ما بهائي حاتم بهائي، اندور ما بهائي خزيمة بهائي، اجين ما بهائي علي اصغر بهائي، يه سككلا بيان كرسس ؛،
    مؤمنين ني جماعة! الولد الاغر الاعز، قرة عين امام المتقين، بهائي يوسف نجم الدين يه بيان كيدو، اْ مارا مولى يوسف نجم الدين نو وطن ؛، ته ما يوسف نام، يوسف نا هم نام انسس هم لقب يوسف نجم الدين نسس ميطط امر كيدو كه بيان كرو تميطط، مملوك اْل محمد سي كتناك نكات استرشاد كري ليتا، انسس عجب طرح سي، عجب شان سي بيان كرتا، مملوك اْل محمد يوسفي محل ما بيضضهي نسس سنتو، خدا اهنسس افضل الجزاء اْثثجو،

  • Decolonizing the Mind.

    Its interesting when we stop and think about how many of us living in a post colonial world still hold a colonial mindset. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s TUS Nasihat are truly a breath of fresh air. They take people back to the elements, remind them what is important, and allow people to see past the illusion and facade of institutions and regimes. It allows us to truly live the meaning of “Taking Hikmat wherever we might find it, while taking what is pure and leaving what is filthy or filled with impurities.” I can not speak for the universal, but for me it allows to transcend reality and live on an elevated pedestal, it grants me liberty of conscious.
    Fal Hamdo, Wa shukro, Ala , Hazihil Naimat al Jalila.

  • Sh Huzaifa Najmi

    This is a wonderful site giving important details in Hujjat on KQ n company.
    Though the site intends to do Hujjat only, i would like to suggest a section discussing the Fazail of Molana Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS), especially some Zikar or dreams like the account given by that Hindu person in-front of Mola TUS. This will be very refreshing and will be one of the components in “Fas’aao Le Zabtil Aqaaedi”.
    Hope to see the section soon. Thankyou

  • today, 2nd April, in Mumbai Mirror there was a post in which KQ had filed a petition in High Court against Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS regarding dawat properties.
    ajab waat to aa che k wo Saifuddin (Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA) na zaman ma bhi case thaya ane aa Saifuddin na zaman ma bhi case thai rahya che. Khuda apna Maula ne Surah Fateh ni hurmat si aapne Fateh aape. Aameen.

  • In reference to the recent post in the Mumbai Mirror :
    Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Moula (RA ) has, through numerous Bayaans made us mumineen do ma’refat of the Dai and his lofty position and attributes and of a Dai’s maqam especially in the age of satr, which leaves us in awe of that Aala stature.
    It completely baffles me then when KQ has the audacity of claiming to be a Dai based on his basic premise that the Nass ( which was performed on Mufaddal Moula(tus) ) could not have happened as Burhanuddin Moula(RA) was ‘neurologically impaired’ then (naauzobillah).
    It is clear then as day and night that how can KQ claim to be a Dai when he has clearly not understood the maqam of a Dai and is bereft of the faiz that reaches the rightful Dai; otherwise KQ would not question the capabilities of a Dai.

  • Amate Syedna TUS Zahra

    This is a really beneficial blog in strengthening our aqeeda regarding Aqa Moula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS and the fitnat done by the muddai. We thank you for your hard work and commendable efforts involved in doing hujjat.
    I have re – read all d posts and comments on this wonderful blog several times as it is one way of fighting the muddai and staying true to Aqa Moula TUS.
    Please continue doing hujjat on the muddai and his clan and upload more posts, as we eagerly await the posting of more hujjats and the chance to fight with our hearts against the claimant.
    Khuda ta’ala aap ne sawab e jaseem si behrawar kare ane moula tus ni khushi naseeb kare.
    Khuda ta’ala apna aqa ane moula tus je khuda na noor che ehni umr shareef ne taa roze qayamat daraaz ane daraaz kare

  • Amate Syedna TUS Zahra

    It has been many many days since any new content has been uploaded. Every day I eagerly open your blog in the hope that today there will be something new, some other way the KQ clan have tried to circumvent the fact that they have no nass i.e no base and definitely no case, and that you would have shown them how very wrong they are.
    Please don’t keep such long pauses in between your hujjats. We all really enjoy reading the posts, infact we can’t wait till the next hujjat is uploaded.
    Shukran jazeelan for your naik amal and may Allah TA grant you tawfeeq to write more and more.
    Was salaam

    A very very avid fan of 53 reasons 🙂

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