Reason # 3: How can “The Second in Command” Go Against The Dawat?

On the website and especially in the media Khuzaima Qutbuddin and his sons question how the second-in-command” can rebel against the Dawat.

 Unfortunately, once again the claims that Khuzaima Qutbuddin and his children have made are not correct. Again we turn to the Kitab – Muntazaa ul Akhbar where the zikr of the 29th Da’i Syedna Abduttayyib Zakiuddin RA clearly shows that this has happened in history. Syedi Shaikh Qutub b. Suleiman does zikr that Ali b. Ibrahim  had initially accepted Syedna Abduttayyib Zakiuddin RA (29th Dai) as Dai al Multaq, he went against him. (Note: We do understand  that certain communities outside of Dawoodi Bohras do not hold this view point and we do not mean to offend them in any way. This is the history of Ali b. Ibrahim which appears in the book that we have quoted and may not reflect the personal viewpoints and ideas about this historical figure by other religious communities). Some time later, he came to seek forgiveness from Syedna Abduttayyib Zakiuddin RA who acknowledged his repentance and appointed him in “al Mahal al Thaani” “second in command.” However, after thirty-three months he regressed to his former disposition and openly rebelled against Syedna Abduttayyib Zakiuddin RA declaring that he was the Dai.

Syedi Shaikh Qutub b. Suleiman writes in Muntaza al-Akhbar that:

“Ali b. Ibrahim, though second in command, led himself to be tempted and seduced by material gain. He lay claim to the position of the Dai as he had done so before. He desired his Maula’s respected position for himself. He bragged about the wealth he had accumulated through improper means. He claimed that he was more deserving of being a Dai than Syedna Abduttayyib Zakiuddin RA…he transgressed all limits in his attempt to secure this position. He thought that with the help of his Shaitans– a builder and a diver- he would fulfill his desire. But what happened was the opposite; The house was protected by its lord. He began to corrupt the people of Da’wat, instigate Mumineen against the Dai, bind them using spells of Haroot and Maaroot, he misled them with fabricated narrations of Taim and Adee, and entice people through their inclinations. He created a great deal of disorder in Da’wat. When Syedna Zakiuddin heard about his actions he removed him and three others from the hierarchy of hudud.”

Sound familiar? History repeats itself.

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