Reason #96: Doctor! Doctor!

This article is in response to the judgmental comments passed in an article about Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s RA health, by two doctors in the field of neurology, namely:

  • Dr. Daniel Mankens, Chairman of Neurology Beaumont Hospital, Michigan; USA. (The name is most likely misspelt, as Google correction suggests “Dr Daniel Menkes”).
  • Dr. James M Gebel, Chairman of Neurology, Akron Medical Centre, Ohio; USA.

These experts are currently practicing in Michigan and Ohio, USA (in close proximity to where Tahera, Taher, and Taiyeba live). It is clear that neither of them were treating Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA as he was in London and they were 4,000 miles away in the U.S. Their comments are most likely based on reports given to them by the Qutbuddins. In brief, they have claimed that after suffering a debilitating stroke, medically, Syedna Burhanuddin RA could not have spoken coherently and performed nass, nor could he have drunk the sherbet that was presented to him in the hospital.

I am not a doctor, but common sense tells me that although the field of medicine has advanced in the last several years it is far from diagnosing every medical situation universally. It is common practice that doctors are able to diagnose certain patients based on tests and results provided by other doctors, but in complicated matters, the creme of doctors would hesitate to pass any judgements unless they have physically examined the patient. How then is it possible for a doctor to pass comments on a patient he hasn’t seen or examined, let alone witness his spirituality (if indeed the Qutbuddins accept Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin as a spiritual personality). How can anyone in the right mind blindly accept these statements or any reputable newspaper report them without any actual verification? 

I do not doubt the expertise of these doctors sought out by the Qutbuddin family. I only wish to highlight that the doctors might not have been aware of the importance of the incident they were commenting on or the age-old traditions and customs surrounding it. These doctors have only commented based on the material presented to them by those who have approached them from the Qutbuddin family and their supporters.

As a Dawoodi Bohra and practicing member of the faith, I wonder on how informed the doctors were of the history of Dawat and the importance of nass. Their experience with Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA was next to none and I am not aware of their understanding of basic Dawoodi Bohra customs  (like the consumption of sherbet). No matter how advanced their comprehension may be in medicine, understandably, they would surely be less knowledgeable when it comes to these religious matters. 

Firstly, these respected doctors would not be aware of the importance of nass. According to Dawoodi Bohra theology, belief, and practice it is the greatest and most important task charged upon every Nabi, Imam and Dai. Only once nass is performed may each saheb ‘rest in peace.’ It is a tenet of our faith. The Duat Mutlaqeen swore to the Imam that no Dai would leave this world without passing on the amanat of nass to his mansoos for the salvation and najaat of mumineen. Come what may, each Imam has appointed their mansoos. Rasulullah SAW declared Moulana Ali AS his mansoos even though it meant that it would endanger his life.

Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA has stated that the 49th Dai declared his nass on Syedna Abdullah Badruddin RA, at a time of illness when no other (ordinary) man could speak coherently.

The nass has, was, and will be always declared ‘as if life depended on it’. For indeed, life does depend on it, all our lives.

Secondly, I am unsure that these respected doctors have not been shown the video nor images of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA in Raudat Tahera on the 19th of Rajab 1432H, only a mere two weeks after this stroke. I wonder why no one chose to comment on this. The Fatemi Dawat website has alleged that Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, due to his stroke, was not medically fit to pronounce nass on Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS that day. I wonder why the Qutbuddins didn’t ask the doctors to comment on the events which took place this day? The actions of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA that day are not that of an ordinary person who had suffered a stroke. After a flight from London to Mumbai, we witnessed Syedna al Muqaddas RA enter Raudat Tahera on a palkhi and give salaami to mumineen exactly like he always would. 

(Images taken from – 19 Rajab 1432)

Syedna raising his hands high in salaami and acknowledging the gathering.

Syedna raising his hands high in salaami and acknowledging the gathering.

Then we witnessed Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, despite his stroke, sit on the ground as in namaaz, perform ziyarat, and walk around the qabr of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA.

(Images from the video of 19th Rajab 1432H – Raudat Tahera)

Syedna RA seated on the ground besides the qabr mubarak.

Syedna RA performing ziyarat as he always did.

Syedna RA taking slow steps and walking around the Qabr Mubarak

We then witnessed Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin RA acknowledging Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS in front of him, giving him raza to proceed, calling him closer, holding the mic and speaking and finally accepting the najwa from Syedi Mukasir Saheb DM.

Syedna RA clearly giving raza to Syedna Mufaddal TUS without any aid and instructing him to proceed.

Syedna RA bending over to speak to Syedna Mufaddal TUS with his hands on his back. Sh Abdulhusain Yamani, one of the Nass witnesses looks on overjoyed & with keen interest.

Syedna RA holding the mic with his hands and performing Nass.

Syedna RA holding the mic with his hands and performing Nass.

Syedna RA stretching his hands out accepting the najwa tray.

Syedna RA accepting the najwa tray.

In the video at exactly (26:53 to 26:57) Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin says “Mufaddal Bhai ne Nass nu Taaj“. We can also clearly hear Moula RA stating “Khuda Barakat Aape” (32.40 – 32.43). (this is from the video posted on the Fatemi Dawat website originally).

All of this, which have witnessed, I believe refutes their following statement that Syedna was too ill to speak coherently“. Furthermore, if these doctors were present during the first waaz on the 2nd of Moharram 1433H Hijri in Mumbai, they would have heard the short bayaan/waaz of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, where many words of the shahaadat were crystal clear, especially the final closing sentence of و اخر دعوانا ان الحمد لله رب العالمين. I was present at both occasions, and I am proud to bear witness of what I heard.

Thirdly, regarding the sherbet.

Dr James M Gebel makes the following statement:

“It would have been impossible for His Holiness to have drunk sherbet the night of June 4… he was documented to not be even able to initiate swallowing… and to be continuously completely unsafe for any oral intake.”

The rasm of drinking sherbet is to mark a moment of happiness; in this case it was the public announcement of Syedna’s successor, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

These moments of joy can be expressed by drinking sherbet or tasting sweets called saakar. The sherbet is usually drunk in tiny sips (sometimes almost the size of a drop), and saakar ranges from granules of sugar to chocolates or sweets. In this case, it is noted that Syedna was offered sherbet.

The Qutbuddins obviously don’t know the specifics of the situation in the hospital because simply they weren’t there. Were the doctors aware that the consumption of sherbet in Dawoodi Bohra customs doesn’t mean that an entire glass of liquid is gulped down. That action possibly could have resulted in difficulty of swallowing. Even if the most tiniest drop was offered to Syedna Burhanuddin RA, it would be considered the drinking of sherbet for a joyous occasion. 

I am not aware of the quantity of of sherbet that was offered to Syedna al Muqaddas RA, but neither are they, so it is best not to pass judgements on blind assumptions. Any professional, let alone a respected doctor, would agree.

The evidence is clear. For anyone who yet doubts, I would request them to read Reason #5 Analysis of Nass Video on Khuzaima Qutbuddin’s Website. and watch the video again.

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA and Syedna Mufaddal TUS are our spiritual doctors. May their nazaraat heal the hearts of every mumin who wants to believe the truth. Ameen


  • Mufaddal Abt Dubai

    Your arguments have been put in a logical manner and are coherent.
    The fact they come from a medical professional give credence to the fact that the esteemed doctors gave statements that were flawed , possibly due to wrong information being fed to them by the qutbis, or due to some other sinister motive.

    We are all witness to Maula r a ‘s actions after the aforementioned stroke and are firm believers of his spiritual power that even world leaders have acknowledged. KQ’s denial even after living in such close proximity with Maula tus shows his delusional state of mind.

  • subhan allah, very well written.

  • Khuzema Qutbuddin is NO leader!

    Khuzema is NO leader. He had more people years back but he lost them gradually. He has no qualifications of a leader. None, whatsoever. If he was a leader he would have maintained himself as a Maazun and been with Syedna Burhanuddin RA all the way thru till the end but he didn’t or just couldn’t. That’s the proof enough that he could not fulfill his duties as a right hand man. Instead, all he did was run away from Daawat and Maula and acted like a hyena.

  • On the 19th of Rajab I like every other mumin witnessed the historical event..though Moulas words were not clear..nd we couldn’t understand what was happening..each nd every mumin that day could hear those words with their hearts and could see and understand what was taking was a spiritual connection..
    Bt today wen I see the video I see it in a different light..I see with my eyes and listen with my ears the actuality of what happened..that moula ye sagla na samne nass farmawiti..what we had heard nd witnessed with our hearts had actually occurred… Nd I wonder what is wrong with the khuzeima clan..their hearts are shut off but definitely not their eyes and ears..they can’t see they can’t hear..تراهم ينظرون اليك وهم لا يبصرون
    The more they try to defame moula..the more they r getting defamed nd insulted..their upbringing, their education, their beliefs is all a big question mark now..
    Moula je logo ehna sathe Che..ehne tawfik ape ane himmat ape moula taraf wali jawa waste..ameen

  • Moula’s Salami photos are so refreshing.. He doesn’t look Ill or meek at all.. Sherey khuda na sher nazar awey Che.. Eh Burhanuddin moula madad karo!!

  • Mohammed Mulla Saifuddin Rangoonwala

    The joy on face of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.A. is evident. Obviously it has to be and that is why he looked so fresh and agile and not fragile as Kutbuddin and ilk thinks, speaks, suggests , declares and argues in courts , media, newspapers, cellphones and many other electronic gadgets. It is truly said of them: in Al Quran: “wa iza marizto fahuva yashfeen”

  • Amate Sayedna Muffadal Saifuddin TUS

    Your arguments are excellent. As a student of medicine, I can give credence to the fact that universal statements about medical conditions mean nothing – the fundamental thing we are taught is that each patient is a unique individual and will present differently. Especially in matters of stroke, which presents completely differently in each and every individual – some patients make a quick and full recovery, and some retain long term disability – even if the pathophysiology of the strokes are identical. A so called ‘expert’ in neurology should be aware of this phenomenon.

    Secondly, witnesses and a diary from Moula RA before his stroke make for a much better argument in court than a so called ‘private nass’.

  • Ali Akbar Najmuddin Cyclewala

    Post is really very well written.
    These thing of them that, gathering some time illogical also materialistic ground facts, collecting unworthy evidences, pointless objections, makes really disappointed & increase hatred filings against KQ’s.
    They again & again treat muqaddas moula ra as a normal human being & it is sure that KQ had never felt any roohaniyat of Muqaddas moula ra although by being that much close also. How he could as well, because for this, one & only thing which is required is ‘Mohabbat’, as Imam said “Nathi deen magar Mohabbat”. & for mohabbat distance doesn’t matter. But unfortunately this thing is absent in his part.




  • Sh. Yousuf Moiz Bhai Khambaty

    Very well written indeed

  • shakir rangwala

    Very well explained

  • Aamir Badruddin

    I am in fact a doctor and stroke specialist at that. I work in Chicago. I have treated many patients over 90 years of age and some even 100 or greater. It is a medically established fact that strokes can start out mild and may progress to worsen over time. This first point would prove that Moula (R.A.) could have and would have pronounced the nass very clearly in the first few days after the stroke.
    Secondly, the drinking of sherbet is entirely possible as we are not talking about a large volume of liquid but a couple of drops of sherbet as a token of celebration. There is no risk of choking or aspiration if the volume is small. In fact small amounts of liquid are routinely given with a swab to moisten the mouth of a stroke patient.

    I don’t know the doctors mentioned in the article personally, but know that these guys by no means are prominent neurologists in the field of stroke. So any input by the so called ‘experts’ has to be taken with a grain of salt and a heavy dose of skepticism.

  • Juzer Nooruddin Antaria

    Very well written and explained

  • Very well said and written and we alll mumineen belive in the way aaqa burhanuddin moula ra has declared the nass on aqqa sayedna muffadal saifuddin moula zindabad

  • m abbas jamnagarwala

    Excellent explaination and well written

  • Farida M Mustafa Shakir

    Very excellently argued, whereby, we mumineenare brought closer in our binding and faith towards Moula. Indeed, Deen is nothing but Mohabbat. And if that main stimulus is absent then the entire exercise of whether you are second in rank or an adna mumineen becomes superfluous.

  • Haider Bhanpurawala

    Very well written and made my Aqeedah more strong.

    Really appreciate your efforts. May ALLAH give you TAUFEEQ.

    This website has really made my knowledge strong.

  • mustansir shakir

    reply to the wise guy, one of the reason what i think must be that” it is written believesyednaqutbuddin” bcoz syedna mufaddal tus is true Dai of Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed RA.(Ahmedabad) another thing it is not written believesyednakhuzaima!
    One more reason might be to make understand to the people who are still in doubt about Syedna Mufaddal TUS and follows Dawedaar,might be there are few of them,but then also you might heard about Molaya Raaj, who goes to every mumins house, and give hidayat to hold the “DAMAN” of by this website name, followers of Dawedaar will take interest and will read whole article and will come to know, about what is fact and true and what is false and meaningless…
    i hope mr. wise guy you will understand above written….

  • This site is working like an antidote to whatever KQ and his team are spreading via every possible media.

  • Murtaza Partawala

    Very well indeed explained…

  • mohammed ismail hashemi



  • Yusuf fakhruddin

    Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) is a Dai al Mutlaq. And all mumeneen has witness His infinite ma’ajiz (miracle). There are still live instances when Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin gave new life to dead persons, gave power of speech to dumb and cured many uncurable diseases of mumeneen with his ‘kimiyai nazar’ or from his divine power. Not only Mumeneen but eminent and specialists doctors will give testimony to this ma’ajiz(miracles). Doctors have agreed to the point that science is limited to its own boundaries. There are still many circumstances, diseases and medical complications where science is either still unaware or unknown.
    Thus, eminent unbiassed doctors and many other medical specialists and distinguished professionals give testimony to the fact that Hisholiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) was not an ordinary man, but rather a charismatic and divine personality capable of doing supernatural things. He is the Dai of Almighty Allahtala, Panjetan (as) and Imam uz Zaman (as).
    If this very concept khuzema and his clan believed from heart, they never had thought to filed a case.
    This simple argument refute the claim of Khuzema and make him more despicable,disreputable and debunk the claimant awfully.

  • Shabbir Hussain

    Why so silent bro?

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