The Lofty Position of the Mazoon (Series of Essays)


The Khawarij were a group of people who ‘abandoned’ Amirul Mumineen SA after the battle of Siffeen and claimed that he erred in permitting men to give judgement in religious affairs. They took up the call of ‘la hukm illa li Allah ’ based off of an ayat mubarakah meaning: there is no judgement for anyone save Allah. Amirul Mumineen SA described this phrase as ‘a statement of haqq (truth) through which baatil (falsehood) is sought’.

KQ and his kins’ repeated statements pertaining to the position of Mazoon are in a similar vein. They wish to describe the lofty maqaam and position of the Mazoon in order to perpetrate the greatest falsehood and baatil: that Mr Khuzaima Qutbuddin is the 53rd Dai. The following posts and reasons will illustrate the manner in which KQ and his kids have exploited Dawat texts and references to the Mazoon, both historically and theologically, to their own ends. As ever, they will highlight how the FatemiDawat site and the latest Q&A YouTube videos of HQ disregard key information from Dawat texts preying on people’s ignorance. Even in their press conference held a couple days ago, five minutes would not go by but they would throw references to the Mazoon’s lofty position in the face of unsuspecting and uninitiated members of the press. Even non-Bohras are victim of KQ’s constant badgering.

I wish to make it clear to Mumineen that my intention is to no way lessen the importance of the position of the Mazoon. In fact, by explaining through the use of historical examples and some references to Dawat texts, I wish to separate Khuzaima and his unruly character from the position of Mazoon in the community’s collective memory so that this position can be perceived in the great maqaam that it is, untarnished by KQ’s lies and treachery.

Post 1 – Every Mazoon is not a Dai

Post 2 – Mazoon in Ehd al-Awliyaa’

Post 3 – Syedna Jalal

Post 4 – Syedi Najam Khan, Falibility & The Concept of Mutlaq

Post 5 – Exemplary Service by Mawaazeen Kiraam AQ

Post 6 – Africa: What Really Happened in 1409H

Post 7 – Africa – Error of Judgement

Post 8 – Africa – A Festering Grievance

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